Need new Laptop


I need to upgrade my laptop.
I'm currently a architecture student 4th year of undergrad.
I do not want a Apple (mac book) so please don't suggest that.

I don't really have a budget, but under 2000 (I might be able to get an awesome deal on the Thinkpad)

I don't want something too big, because I travel a lot, I don't really like those huge gaming laptops.
The programs I will have to have on it from the most important is:
Rhino (3d) - modeling program
Adobe Suit - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.
Autodesk Maya
Possibly: Sketchup, Revit, and 3ds Max

Here are the three I am considering,
I like the styles of the Samsung and the HP, but have heard great things about the Lenovo

Using Newegg just for comparison!


Lenovo ThinkPad W Series

Samsung 7 Series


HP Envy

Any Help would be much appreciated, thank you!

Sep 10, 12 10:37 pm

i have a W520 with i7 2760QM, 12GB RAM, 160GB SSD, Quadro 2000m, and 1080P Screen. I use all of the programs you listed plus Adobe Premiere Pro and i can say that this laptop can handle anything.  I could work on Video Editing for 16+ hours on Premiere while switching between Photoshop, autocad, etc.  Even after long hours, the laptop's still remained cool enough to have it on your lap, if you do care about heat generation.

The only downside for me is the speaker.  Its volume's really low though I crank it up all the way.  I've heard that W530 has improved audio system now.

If you want a travel friendly laptop, W520 can be little tough for that.  Though it's sturdy and certified by military standards, it's quite heavy.  It weighs 6lbs + 1 lb for enormous 170W power brick..  It's actually little larger than 15.6" laptop, so you would need a larger carrying bag.  the typical 15" bag wouldn't fit and you'll be better off with carrying it in a backpack because of its weight.

If you would like to buy one, it's better to wait for the promotion code.  you can also sign up for the newsletter with Lenovo, which gives you additional 10% off code.

I think W520 might be the most bang for a buck.

Sep 11, 12 4:19 pm  · 
i r giv up

200 fucking threads about it.

we don't need another one.

Sep 11, 12 5:08 pm  · 

Easy decision.  Skip the lightweight iBooks and Air and invest in a high end MacBook Pro.  You'll easily get 5-6 years worth of use out of it.  Totally worth it, yo!

Sep 11, 12 6:29 pm  · 

giv up, maybe you can jump in on this: some neoclassicists just got a blog
(Thayer-D and perennialwhole)


oh this horrible modern world  :..

Sep 11, 12 6:52 pm  · 

I think Dell is better

Sep 14, 12 1:28 am  · 

i can't believe someone asks the same question every week almost..

heres how the forum should work,

step one . Think of a topic you might want more info about or opinions

step two: use the search tool forum has been going for awhile chances are someone else has already asked your question, .... multiple times...

step three: IF and only IF you have found yourself original enough to have come up with a unique query... then start a new thread....

*falls off soap box*

Sep 14, 12 2:31 am  · 
i r giv up

dumb people are dumb.

architects are often dumb people.

Sep 14, 12 9:07 am  · 

What would be the best laptop to get for AutoCAD 12, and Microsoft Paint? Also want to be able to play SimCity...



Apr 4, 13 1:05 pm  · 

Mac Book Pro - you won't have any regrets

Apr 4, 13 1:17 pm  · 

Dell XPS15

Feb 2, 23 12:16 pm  · 

I like that people are reacting to this post with genuine answers; the last comment, prior to thread revival, was almost 10 years ago. Like, I think OP probably figured it out lol

Feb 2, 23 12:35 pm  · 
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