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Where could I find some office furniture and office plans - possibly that can be copied into autoCad? I tried a few sites, but they only offered rendered immages - I would need a drawing of some kind to check the dimensions of the building.

Aug 16, 04 8:18 am

it is free, but it takes a week to get the cd

Aug 16, 04 9:36 am

Talk to your local Steelcase rep. Mine gave me a CD with all their systems furniture in Autocad format and it also had fancy little animations on how to "dress-up" and old steelcase 9000 cube farm into something slightly better. While you've got the reps attention request a test ride on the new Think chair.

Aug 16, 04 10:52 am

traced - thanks, I was able to download it all!

A - will do!

Aug 16, 04 11:18 am


Dec 22, 17 7:44 am

If you choose an office desk because you think it looks fancy, you will quickly learn that you made a big mistake.
While you are keeping functionality in mind, choose furniture that reflects the type of business you run or the company you work for. Innermost is a brand that is best suited to one of my friend's office. I recommend to give it a try for your's as well. 

Nov 28, 19 8:39 am

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