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Where could I find some office furniture and office plans - possibly that can be copied into autoCad? I tried a few sites, but they only offered rendered immages - I would need a drawing of some kind to check the dimensions of the building.

Aug 16, 04 8:18 am

it is free, but it takes a week to get the cd

Aug 16, 04 9:36 am

Talk to your local Steelcase rep. Mine gave me a CD with all their systems furniture in Autocad format and it also had fancy little animations on how to "dress-up" and old steelcase 9000 cube farm into something slightly better. While you've got the reps attention request a test ride on the new Think chair.

Aug 16, 04 10:52 am

traced - thanks, I was able to download it all!

A - will do!

Aug 16, 04 11:18 am


Dec 22, 17 7:44 am
simonlafortune Check out my websites

Jun 17, 18 11:42 am

I'm a software developer and spend a lot of time working on computer. I work remotely last 10 years and have some experience in office furniture. So I created a web-site about computer ergonomics:

Oct 17, 18 2:46 pm

Call 561-699-1231 for a FREE consultation regarding your office design or liquidation. WE BUY at IDeskz! We also offer FREE space planning services! Visit us for Amazing Sales on Office Furniture.

Mar 3, 19 11:05 am

Check Country Living Furnishings & Design for office furniture. 

Mar 13, 19 2:04 am
Tina Sane

In a working place every piece of furniture plays the vital role in boosting productivity. the great furniture you choose has the ability to take your industry or company on another level. The first thing that should take into account is comfort of employee.

May 8, 19 6:38 am

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