GRE question, for the thousandths time.


So I just took my test today and my unofficial score is 152 on verbal and 160 on math... I know everyone says GRE scores don't matter, but I'm trying to aim for the tops Ivy schools. (GSD, Yale, Princeton, MIT, etc. ) Do you guys think I should take it again? For those of you who got into the schools I mentioned, what were your scores on the GRE?


Aug 18, 12 9:02 pm

anyone have any suggestions?

Aug 24, 12 2:24 pm

If you aim for the Ivy schools, I think U need to get higher scores, at lest V 155+and Q 163+

Aug 26, 12 11:02 pm

Well... according to your scores forget about MIT.... Princeton and Yale still fine IMHO...

For Sci-Arc and Columbia its OK as well.


p.s. GRE is such Bul###....  

Aug 26, 12 11:08 pm

Thanks for the suggestions

hmmm Does MIT put more emphasis on the GREs? 

Aug 30, 12 7:46 pm

i got 157 verbal and 159 quantitative and im now at yale. dont stress too much about the gre. 

Sep 7, 12 11:40 pm

hi, i'm a current B.Arch undergraduate who is interested in pursuing a M.Arch ll degree.

however, i do have a very poor GRE 136/141/3.0 and overall GPA 2.99. one of my major's GPA is a 3.41. although my grades and GRE scores are poor, I received letter of recommendations from a very famous architect, two directors, and principals...(i've had a close educational and professional relationship with all of them). i've also won more than 15 scholarships/awards and have done internships since I was a senior in high school.

i'm also a minority...

.. are my chances farfetched?

Dec 8, 12 11:24 pm

i applied to: 

harvard's m.arch ll, columbia's msaad, ysoa m.arch ll, mit, princeton, cornell, etc.

Dec 8, 12 11:32 pm
Jono Lee

well, i know columbia won't consider applicants that don't have a minimum GRE of 150v/145q or something like that...

Dec 9, 12 12:58 am

do you know what columbia's msaad requires in a portfolio? 

Dec 9, 12 1:05 am

@sensation- you have what it takes (networking)

Dec 9, 12 2:06 am

@Znaika... thanks.. so networking also plays a major role... as an undergraduate.. i also received more than one bachelors.. i just pray that these schools will consider me

Dec 9, 12 2:22 am

how about i let you in our studio and you can build my final model? so many things i'd rather be doing at 3am on a saturday night.

Dec 9, 12 3:03 am
Jono Lee

you know, its best  just to call into those schools and explain your situation. perhaps they can shed some light on some of your questions.

Dec 9, 12 12:24 pm

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