MArch programs for community design and design build


I am interested in applying to schools that specialize in community/ humanitarian design, sustainable design, and design build for an M Arch, but also want to make sure it is a well enough respected program that I can work in the Northeast after graduating, even if the school is far away.  


Anyone have suggestions on schools I should look at?

Do you think these are all reputable?


On my radar:

UC Berkeley

U Washington

U Oregon



Virginia Tech

U Virginia

Aug 9, 12 10:26 pm

You name all these features you're looking for in a Grad program, and then you name these schools, and I'm really not sure how connected they are? Have you actually researched these programs or did you just do to Design Intelligence lists?

Aug 10, 12 9:16 am

I did research them as best I could.  They are each on the list for slightly different reasons...  Berkeley, UVA and U. Washington seem to have a community design focus, while Oregon is known for sustainability.  Rice, Yale, VT, U. Washington all seem to have strong design/ build programs.  This is what I gather from around the internet and from professors I have met, but am looking for input from the archinect community.  Rand H. - do you have a different experience with these schools and think some of them should not be on the list for these reasons?

Aug 10, 12 9:53 pm

Well from what you just state, which aspect do you really wish to pursue. And when you say design build, is this at the graduate level? I could have sworn VT's is a 3rd year undergrad program that was started by Rural Studio alumni.

Aug 11, 12 12:12 am

I am interested in a program where I can get design/build experience, which is also strong in sustainable design, and may also have opportunities in community service.  I realize not every school will have all three, but those are my interests.  Yes, looking for a M Arch program.  Thanks for the hint on VT.  Let me know if you think any of these schools don't fit, or if you have feedback on how an education there would be received in the Northeast.

Aug 12, 12 10:13 pm

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