Does anybody know which Toronto architect designed this house?


Anybody know who designed this Toronto house?  Some interesting architectonics going on.

Aug 9, 12 12:13 pm

No, but a google image search says that the source of the image is this blog


you could contact him on twitter and see if he know.

Aug 9, 12 8:08 pm

I immediately recognized this house as one I had in a precedent study folder... i have pictures of the interior, but for some reason when I photocopied the images I cut out the name of the magazine I copied it from.  The interior is equally tectonic...lots of steel.  The blog above claims it's in Rosemont in Toronto... but the only house that comes up is Shim Sutcliffe's house there.  Wish I'd photocopied better way back in the late 90s or so.

Aug 10, 12 1:29 am

whoever it was, it looks like they were looking at some coop himmelblau projects...

Aug 10, 12 8:29 am

that's definitely not a Shim Sutcliffe designed house

Aug 10, 12 9:06 am

looks too cookie cutter to be a Sutcliff design

Aug 10, 12 9:13 am

No, they were clearly looking at Corbusier. Corbusier used walls and it looks like this architect did too.

Aug 10, 12 9:13 am

wow, people responded to this thread. i looked a few times and nobody had.

googled modern homes in rosemont and found the architect

Architect is Donald Mckay. Completed 1992.  The architect is now a professor at the university of waterloo's school of architecture.

This TO Built webpage has great cataloging of buildings, i've used it a number of times looking for info about buildings.

Aug 15, 12 7:09 pm

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