It would be interesting to hear who has submitted already or when you plan to submit...

Oct 26, 12 10:59 am
Dima Srouji

I'm feeling really behind!


BA Honours (3 year Part I RIBA) at Kingston University, London

Graduated with an upper second class (GPA avg 3.5-3.7) no one really knows how it converts..

Doing my 1 year out in a New Haven firm.

Applying to:








Portfolio: 90% need to put some work experience stuff in there

CV: 100%

Recom.: Should be done in time. 2 prof. 2. employers

GRE: taking it Dec 2

Statements: Brain storming..

Anyone going to the yale open house on the 8th?

Oct 26, 12 3:09 pm

@tylerhopf I'm kind of late to the game to talk about your portfolio, so hopefully you'll still get this. I did okay with a long and relatively wordy portfolio, but it's what you do with the pacing of your content that makes the difference - compelling graphic compositions and the separation of text into headlines and captions can make a long portfolio feel short, or a short portfolio feel long. In your case, your pacing is off, and I see what seems to be a common problem of excessive repetitive-ness - for example, on pages 28-31 you have four very similar shots of your model where one would do. I see that same problem throughout your portfolio. One challenge which I put myself through when trying to fit all of my work into 40 pages was to take what might be, say, a 4-page spread, and cut and re-compose the content until it fit into 2 pages, but in a way that remained clear and graphically compelling. The result was always stronger, and I think that that approach might be helpful in your case too.

Another issue relevant to pacing/sequence is that you sometime show content in a way that isn't the best way to tell your story - you should start with the main idea and then get more specific. For example in your first supernode project, you start on pages 4-5 with a big-picture overhead rendering which is placed next to a detailed plan. The presentation would be much clearer if you put page 7 where page 5 now is, and saved the plan for later after readers already know what the project is about.

Oct 26, 12 9:02 pm

Does anyone know how is the MIT SMarchS in Architectural Design program? Is it more theory/ research heavy or more design studio oriented? The program description makes it seem research based however the curriculum seems to be pretty flexible?

Oct 27, 12 3:56 am
Paul A. Zamorano


BA Art History Franklin & Marshall College

GPA 3.4
Applying to:


Wash U.


U Michigan



Portfolio: 70% needs some work experience stuff in there

Resume :60%

Recom.:  2 prof.  1 Dean 1: GSD Career Discvery

GRE: taking it Nov 16

Statement: 50% 

Oct 27, 12 9:44 pm

Its been a really long while since I posted on this thread. The next two weeks are big.

I am applying for Master's of Science in Arch research based programs (like MIT SMarchS) My list has been revised:

Yale / Columbia / McGill / MIT / University of Edinburgh

Portfolio - 99% (just need to cut certain projects for length requirements for different schools)

CV - 90%

SOP (research proposal) - 95%

Recommendations - 95%

GRE - this friday!!!!

@ disro

Yes I am going to Columbia on 7th, and Yale on 8th.

Oct 29, 12 11:37 am

Getting down to end! Some apps due in mid december some due early January...


Everyone making progress?

Nov 21, 12 3:42 pm

Anybody else applying to University of Oregon? Cause they just switched to online applications week or two ago... and my recommendation writers already sent their physical letters... fucking shit...

Nov 22, 12 12:12 am

I am applying too, I dont think thats a problem, since they just switched I am sure they will take in our paper-based recommendations. 

Nov 22, 12 7:55 am

Yup just checked... they will still accept physical letters.

Nov 26, 12 5:15 pm


B.Arch University of Southern California
Graduating in May; class of 2013

GPA: 3.5

Applying to:
Columbia GSAPP
Notre Dame

Portfolio: 90%; almost done with my project this semester so I have time to put it in my portfolio.

Resume/CV: 100%

Recommendations: 2 professors, 1 employer.

Statement of intent: 70%. In the editing process.

Almost there.

Dec 2, 12 8:00 pm
Kamu Kakizaki

Is anyone else perplexed by the online portfolio max page counts? so far the GSD and Princeton are saying 30 pages max, not including the cover and index sheet. Kind of cramps everything up for me... 

Best of luck to everyone this month! 

Dec 3, 12 10:47 pm
Kamu Kakizaki

Oh! I wonder if its 30 pages in a spread, in which case you could have 60 pages (2 pages per spread). 

I'm going to email them will keep posted. 

Dec 4, 12 12:39 am

Coming down to the wire.  Good luck everyone!

Updated Progress:

Portfolio: 70% (Need to revise for GSD req's)

Resume: 100%



Having some portfolios due on a different date than the application is kinda throwing me off, schedule wise.

Dec 4, 12 3:00 am

@Kamueku did you ever hear back from GSD about the page count? My portfolio is sitting at 24 pages or 48 sides; would really hate to hate to chop it down.

Dec 10, 12 9:45 pm
Dima Srouji

Update: Everything almost done. GRE might ruin it all for me. Really blew it on that. So much for having a list full of ivy leagues. This isn't good. I feel like I have a strong portfolio and good recommendations. My personal statement is still coming together but it should be a strong one. The one thing really bringing me down is the GRE. It's below average. What do you all think? Am I going to get filtered out?


1.Yale 2. MIT 3. Columbia 4. Cornell 5. RISD 6. Pratt

Dec 10, 12 11:44 pm
Jono Lee

whats your gre like? and do you have your portfolio posted online?

Dec 11, 12 12:07 am
Dima Srouji

It was a terrible day. I'm retaking it but I don't think it'll be sent in time...

Around 148 for both. English is also my second language. I took the Toefl and got a high score. So that might save my verbal part.

 Will post portfolio draft shortly.

Dec 11, 12 12:29 am
Dima Srouji

Portfolio is now in a new post. Portfolio Review.

Dec 11, 12 1:00 am

Columbia will not review applications with GRE scores below 150.

Dec 11, 12 2:53 am


Brown University

BA History of Art and Architecture, Architectural Studies track
Graduated 2012

GPA: 3.76

Summer Internships with SOHO China and PJAR Architects Shanghai

Did Intro to Arch.@ GSAPP and currently in NY/P @ GSAPP

Applying to:

Portfolio: 99%

Resume: 100%

Recommendations: 2 professors, 1 employer.

GREs: 100%

V:165 Q:161 AW:4.5

Statement of intent: 0% HALP!!!!

Dec 11, 12 3:28 am
Kamu Kakizaki

GSD says 30 spreads (or 60 pages). I guess they view it digitally so pretty much it's 30 clicks. MIT is the same 30. I think Berkeley has 20 but i'm not applying there so don't count on me for that. 


Dec 11, 12 11:32 am
Kamu Kakizaki

guess i'll group into the bio application 

23 male

BA Architecture studies from University of Washington. 2.5 years working experience, 1.5 in NYC.

GPA 3.58 (but who cares)

GRE 145 155 (but who cares) 

portfolio: 50% 3 projects 3 mini projects

resume: 100%

Statement: 100%

LOR: good contacts. 

Schools: GSD (First Choice), MIT (First Choice), Princeton (good scholarships but small...),UVa,Yale (don't care too much about but...) Cornell (not super stoked about but...).

I'm trying to wrap up the portfolio this week or the next for feedback. turned it upside down like 5 times in the past month.  

Dec 11, 12 11:40 am

Kamueku Luke Kakizaki - 

Have you had any work experience?

Dec 11, 12 5:26 pm
Kamu Kakizaki

@sandhill - yeah 2 years in and out of school. but not putting much work stuff in the 'folio.

Question of Archinecters - 

I have a "digital fabrication / collaboration" project that came out pretty nice, like a fancy version of a design/build. I'm wondering how relevant being a good 'collaborator' sounds? the whole studio was about collaborations, and in my portfolio its either going to be one of my bigger projects as a group or narrowed down to how i contributed. what do you guys think? 

Dec 11, 12 6:23 pm
Kamu Kakizaki

draft v.01 is on issuu. constructive criticism encouraged and much appreciated! my biggest issue with it now is that it may be a little too "airy", in that there's not enough content/projects. Let me know what you think. 

P.S. - com'on guys lets keep all the m.arch stuff on ONE forum. 

Dec 18, 12 3:40 am
Kamu Kakizaki
Dima Srouji

i love it.

Dec 18, 12 9:49 am

Kamueku, you're portfolio looks great! we are applying to the same programs so good luck! I really like the first project.  It is a little airy, but it comes off as confident not empty.

Dec 18, 12 10:15 am
Kamu Kakizaki

tyler - good luck as well! maybe we'll see each other next year. 

Dec 18, 12 7:25 pm

Anybody applying to UVa and know the word or page limit for the Statement of Intent? They didn't state in their website and they haven't answered my email. Anybody have an answer? 

Dec 26, 12 9:23 pm

Hey guys, I'll post here too!

male 24 

Bsc in arch from Umich

GPA: 3.7

GRE: pretty good actually

LOR: 3 professors

Applying to:



Uni Stuttgart



I'm mainly interested in dual degrees between arch/eng, so Berkeley is probably my first choice. 

Dec 27, 12 4:32 am

For anybody curious about the UVa Statement of Intent length, here's the answer- 

Thank you for applying to the University of Virginia.  We do not have a word or page limit on the Statement of Intent; however I suggest keeping the statement to three pages (double-spaced) or less.

Dec 28, 12 12:14 am

Am i late to the party?


B.Arch from NJIT

GPA: 3, 3.2 major gpa


GRE: 154 verbal 151 quantitative, waiting on essay results.

LOR: 2 professors, 1 VP at work


Applying to:



all post-professional M.Arch

good luck all

Dec 29, 12 11:54 am
Kamu Kakizaki

Everything submitted woohoo! Do schools want recommendations submitted by their application deadlines? I have one that might not make it in time ... I wonder if its ok to be a little late... Good luck to everyone !

Dec 30, 12 4:45 pm

B.S. Biochem, 2.7GPA, May 2013

GRE: 161V, 164Q, 5.0W

GSD Career Discovery. Favorable eval?

Statement of purpose: combining arch and chem/biology, pursuing architecture because the process is better recommendations from science profs, internship supervisor.


i like michigan, and rice. good luck everyone


Dec 30, 12 9:46 pm

Submitted hard copy info (portfolio, dept supplement, transcripts, statements) to UCLA today.  Always the last minute.

Will upload Harvard portfolio this evening, and send out Columbia next week.

Dec 31, 12 8:03 pm

yo Kamueku Luke Kakizaki. I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. I had a professor submit a recommendation a day late and the online application still accepted it.


yo jesusmaldonado. You need to change your cover page man. It's way too chaotic

Jan 1, 13 1:34 pm

^ agreed. its so hard to read the title dude

Jan 2, 13 3:58 am

24 Male

currently finishing up a Bachelor's degree in Urban Planning

Seeking Master's in Architecture

Appying too:



HU (last resort)

 - All in VIrginia


Resume 100%

Portfolio 100%

Statement 50%

References 100% (asked,sent,)

Used Adobe Indesign for the first time and fell in love with it. Work experience doesn't really relate but it looks like that may change soon. Walked into an Arch firm across the street from my apartment and made a good impression. So excited.


Jan 2, 13 2:42 pm

too late already sent 'em hahaha. we'll see how it goes~

Jan 3, 13 8:56 pm

Anybody here applying to UMN? Cause they just extended their deadline...  

PLEASE NOTE: We have extended the deadline for the Master of Architecture application to Friday, February 1, 2013. All materials received by that date will be reviewed by the admissions committee.

Can't decide if I'm happy or pissed about this news lol

Jan 12, 13 10:27 pm

It's interesting there aren't many people applying to the Cornell program, I wonder why?

Jan 13, 13 12:45 am

the MArch program is not as 'established' as the other ivies'. I'm applying though, and am really keen on going. they have AMAZING studios, facilities, and building (and campus, and landscape), and are sinking enormous amounts of funds into the program to make it competitive with harvard/yale/mit. they also have semesters in nyc at their studios there. they have great faculty whom they share with their top undergrad program and some great visiting faculty too. big alumni network.

Jan 13, 13 8:49 am
Dima Srouji

@own1221 I'm applying to the Cornell program. I decided I would last minute. I actually replaced GSD with Cornell on my list of schools. I've been getting really bad feedback about GSD from my colleagues and ex-profs.  I'm pretty keen on Cornell  too @jk3hl 

Jan 13, 13 10:39 am
Dima Srouji

Can April just get here already? This is torture. 

Jan 13, 13 11:15 am
Jono Lee

Where are you guys taking your Arch. History course pre-requisite?

Jan 13, 13 11:38 am
Jono Lee

Might as well put my bit in as well:

 Age: 25/Canadian

BFA - Visual Arts @ UBC

IN[ARCH] @ UC Berkeley

GPA: Something crappy like 2.9...

GRE: Something equally crappy... 153V 145Q 3.5W

Statements: 100%

Letters: 100% 



Jan 15, 13 8:02 pm

Hi everybody!

Age 25.Vietnamese

B.Arch @ Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture

GPA: ~3.01

GRE 151 158 4.0

Schools: Rice, IIT, UIC, Berk, USC, Sam Fox, Syracuse


This waiting time is really stressing, good luck to you all guys!

Jan 23, 13 11:45 am


I love some of the projects in your portfolio - specifically the Boullee' style memorial. I have a proposal for you on behalf of Lantern Journal. I cannot, however, find any contact information for you so please email me at:

Jan 23, 13 3:20 pm

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