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Jan 24, 13 5:03 am

Hello everyone, Late to the thread!


BS Honors Architecture ~3.5/4.0

BFA Visual Communications 3.71/4.0

* 1 1/2 years work experience at two architecture firms, one graphic design firm (MSKTD, SmithgroupJJR)

* Worked for a few months in Turkey as a Site Architect. (Harvard Art Museums)
* Traveled on a World Tour program to 27 countries to study design/art/architecture

Applying to:




University of  Michigan

University of Maryland

Arizona State



University of Illinois


CV: 100%

Recom.: 4 Professors (Art and Architecture) , Directors, Professionals from internships

Please leave me your feedback regarding the portfolio! Any input/advice would be great.

Jan 24, 13 10:23 am

I wish I had known about this thread when I was making my portfolio.

Oh well it's already done.

BS Architecture from Univ. of Florida


Applying to



Univ Florida

Univ washington


Is anyone else applying to the Portland program at Univ of Oregon? Thats probably my #1 right now.

Jan 24, 13 4:41 pm

@ Philip: 
That's really nice work.  It looks both constructable and tastefully laid out.  In which years did you do this work?  I'm assuming it would be more in years 3 and 4. With which programs did you do the graphics? Is part of that work done in an office?

As for the schools, I'd say you have a good shot at all of them.  The only one that's trickier would be Berkeley, since they are dealing with massive numbers.

The one thing I can't comment on is, for 4 year grads, if they need to show other forms of creative expression.  I know that for 3/3.5 M.Archs. they almost get pissed if you present anything along the line of architectural graphics if you haven't worked in it before, sort of as in "How dare you?"

I wish you the best.

Jan 24, 13 4:54 pm


Thanks I appreciate the compliment. Most of the work was done in my 3 and 4 years, with exception of 1 project I think.  For renders I used Rhino and V-ray and a lot of photoshop.  For line drawings I used AutoCAD and illustrator/photoshop.  None of the work was done in an office.  

I included that one spread of photos and travel sketches b/c most schools said they would like to see other creative work.  I wish I had more creative work outside of strict architecture work but I can only show what I've got hah so it'll have to do.

Jan 24, 13 9:37 pm
Garam Hann

Hey guys, this is my first time at Archinect :)

Having a hard time waiting it out... hope this helps!



B.Arch @ Hanyang Univ. of Korea

GPA: 3.76/4.00 (summa cum laude)

GRE: 159/164/3.5

+  Several work experiences related to architecture, but none notable

+ Also several awards, honorable mentions...etc

+ 4 recommendation letters from professors who know me well


Applying to:






UC Berkeley


Any portfolio critique would be welcome. Even though all the applications are finished... honestly I think I need some advice.

Jan 24, 13 10:56 pm
Dima Srouji

@turq you're going to get accepted at every school and you'll find it hard to make a decision. Good luck! 

@e.m.g I love your portfolio. RISD would be great! 

Jan 25, 13 9:41 am

Hi late as well

28/ Male

B.A. Studio Art @ U of TN Knoxville

Gpa: 3.1

Gre: 150V / 150 Q


Applied to 


U of Washington 


Jan 25, 13 10:18 am
Garam Hann

@disro - Thanks for the compliment! Good luck to you as well.

Jan 25, 13 11:26 am

@turg - I have a deadline right now so I can't comment too extensively, but you have some interesting work which maybe isn't always presented with the best graphic design composition. If you redid some of your presentations to have more hierarchy and fewer more carefully-selected images you would be in a good position.

Jan 25, 13 4:48 pm
Garam Hann

@snail - I appreciate the advice. I agree with you - my portfolio does look a bit crowded and over the top. Sadly all my applications are already submitted and there's nothing else to do about it but wait... I'll keep it in mind when I re-edit them for different purposes. Thanks!

Jan 26, 13 9:08 pm

@turq - Your portfolio looks great! Good luck!

@cizz - Good art and photographs. Good luck as well. 

Jan 28, 13 6:15 pm

@ turq your work is brilliant. You will probably get accepted to a lot of places. I teach 2nd year design studio and I am embarassed to even show some of your work to my students because they would feel humiliated. If you had to choose on your list right now, which would you choose and why?

I just sent out a last-minute application to Cooper Union. Not many people seem to be applying there on this thread - why?

Also, at what point do we start the "Decisions 2013 MArch" Thread??

Jan 29, 13 1:19 pm
Dima Srouji

@mtt9999 Cooper Union only has March II and it's a really new program. Not many people know about it. I wish they had an March I program. It's a dream school. 

I'm hoping to start posting in the new thread mid march. 

@turq I'd like to know where you want to go as well. 

Jan 29, 13 3:40 pm
Garam Hann

@jholguin71 - Thanks. I see you're applying this year too - good luck!

@mtt9999 - Wow you're saying that for real? I'm simply grateful. I haven't shown my work to many people except for some close friends/professors and it's really nice to receive positive comments from people who are actually applying this year. As for your question, I don't think I'm in a position to be picky yet. GSD and YSOA are my dream schools - not only by the name-value but for the faculty/educational resources which seem to be sublime. But who knows...

@disro - Yes, I think it's early to be choosing schools and after crazy months of waiting I'm in the mindset of receiving any admission gladly. But GSD and YSOA would be rosy.

Jan 29, 13 8:21 pm

Hey I'm late to this thread but wanted to get some portfolio feedback. I've never studied design but applying to M.Arch programs and not too sure what to expect.


BA. Geography and Art History, McGill University

GPA: 3.44 overall / 3.67 Program

GRE: 162 verbal / 156 Quant

Jan 30, 13 6:49 pm
Dima Srouji

@jacobcohen I'd get rid of page 8. I really like pages 18 and 19 as well as your glass blowing images. I would work on the layout and order of the portfolio more. I'd start with a strong image and end with a strong image. Also, I'd keep the same color background throughout the entire portfolio. Being consistent and clear is key.I don't find it necessary to have a different colored line under each title, it's a little distracting. What if you start with the Artist's Book page, I think it works really well. It would be a good way to introduce your portfolio (as your own artist's book) 


Good luck. Where are you applying? If you have already applied with that portfolio, I wouldn't worry too much. You seem like you have a good eye for design and a good hand-that's all that matters. 

Jan 30, 13 9:39 pm

@disro Thanks for the feedback.... I did already apply but good pointers, those are things i probably would have looked at further if I had more time.  Still one application to go so might make some changes.

Applying to Canadian and US schools:


University of Toronto



Penn Design


Wash U in St. Louis

Boston Arch College

Jan 30, 13 10:14 pm


B.Arch University of Tennessee

-4 internships across the Southeast US

-2 years professional experience at a large design firm in Atlanta

-1 year teaching studio at Georgia Tech

Applying to:

Yale (M.E.D)

MIT (SMarchS Architecture)

UPenn (MS Architecture)


Jan 30, 13 11:41 pm

Unfortunately for me, everything is so messed up in my country that i didnt get the chance to take the GRE, and so am taking another year off. may be i will see some of you guys next year.



your portfolio is great - it is organaized and nice and the projects are also eye catching. maybe the texts are sometimes too much, but that would be the only draw back. i wont be surprised to hear that you've got in all these schools. good luck.


your work is also really nice. thanks for sharing it. :)

Jan 31, 13 2:14 am

@ A.R.Ch. I too am applying for the Yale MED program. I'm concerned about how tough it is to get in, only about 4-5 per year. When you submitted your portfolio to the MED program did you submit the pdf you linked (with design work), or did you submit just your sample writings? I only submitted sample published writings because it is only a research degree, but I feel like I should have also submitted some of my design work. Your portfolio looks really nice - would you mind sharing your research proposal? I would love to read it. I will try to get mine posted here (need to finally join issuu)

Best of luck to all of you

Jan 31, 13 3:53 pm


nice portfolio man. your choice of schools has me puzzled, though. I can totally see you going to Yale... but Upenn and MIT have me scratching my head. They are really focused on computation and fabrication.

Jan 31, 13 5:29 pm
Dima Srouji

@A.R.Ch I think you have one of the most visually pleasing portfolios I have seen on here. Clear, thorough, great drawings, lovely tone. Good luck, hopefully we'll bump into each other in Rudolph's halls next year. 

Jan 31, 13 6:00 pm

shiv, mtt, jk3hl, disro: thanks for the comments, and good luck with your applications.

@mtt:  I submitted a research proposal and examples of published articles in addition to my portfolio, and decided to include the design work due to the nature of my proposal.  I'd be happy to share my proposed abstract in an email. 

@jk3hl:  As I'm focusing on research oriented degrees, the stereotype of each school matters less than the faculty members with whom I hope to work, as well as each school's support for independently driven research.  For example, despite UPenn's general fascination with computation, David Leatherbarrow works with the MS Arch students.

Jan 31, 13 6:45 pm

@A.R.Ch: Excellent sounds like a wonderful application and proposal. Best of luck to you - I hope to see you there in the fall! All things being equal (mostly money), if you had to choose between the programs is there one in particular that interests you the most? Is the MIT and Penn Research programs 2 years like YALE's MED?

I have applied to the following:


Harvard GSD MDesS

McGill MPhil in Arch

Cooper Union MArchII

my email is

Feb 1, 13 10:44 am

bringing this thread back up.. could those who got accepted please post again perhaps with the portfolio you used.. it would help us future applicants get an idea of the work the different schools are looking for . :)

Mar 10, 13 3:27 pm

I would love your opinion.

I plan to apply to a Graduate Program in the next Year.

BA Environmental Design

Internship: 1 (will have another this Summer)

GPA: 3.1

GRE: -


Does anyone think I have a chance at GSAPP, Texas A&M or Pratt?

I'm going to apply to a few safety schools, nevertheless. Thank You for the honest opinions.

Mar 11, 13 12:55 am

Any suggestions on the portfolio, would also be appreciated.

Mar 11, 13 12:56 am


Caveat: I am not a BArch or MArch student, but I was just accepted to GSAPP.

I loved your portfolio and think you should apply to higher end schools. Your portfolio is extremely tasteful and full of a diverse range of work and is bent on the practical side too. With an excellent GRE score, there is no reason why you couldn't get in somewhere.

Mar 11, 13 3:23 am

Thank you jesusmaldonado for the confidence. If anyone has criticism or suggestions, this would be much appreciated.

Mar 11, 13 9:58 am

From just a presentation point of view, I like your title pages a lot because of the white space and feel that some of the spreads are overcrowded with images. If you can lay them out more strategically I think it can benefit the portfolio. 

Mar 11, 13 12:35 pm


I looked through it twice.  I think it's better than most of the one's I've seen on here.  First, I notice that you sequenced your projects by studio IN ORDER.  I think the side-by-side of process, elements, and finished projects looks great.  I like that you tastefully inserted professional work toward the end without interrupting the flow of the portfolio.  Not only that, your freehand work is good, shows a different side of your abilities, and also works in fluidly without creating a hiccup.  Detailed but understated portfolio.

The only thing I did not like was the local flavor - not in the projects, but in a couple of photo stills which look very "Montana."  I would insert something else onto those pages, preferably something related to the built environment, even if a snippet of something that doesn't identify a building as a whole, but is appealing to you.  Since it appears you are in Chicago, there should be plenty to choose from.

I think you have an easy shot at all those schools, and should apply to even more highly ranked schools.

Mar 11, 13 1:05 pm



@ jesusmaldonado

This just made my day! Thank you, for the time you took to look at my portfolio. I just moved from Montana to Chicago and have been unable to find an internship for nearly 5 months. This really got to my head and I have lost some confidence in myself. I found a Summer Internship in Wyoming, so I'm just waiting until then. Currently, I am working for a moving company. It's a very sad experience, thus far. I feel as though I need to get an M.Arch from a better school then Montana, otherwise nobody will consider me in Chicago. My family is in Chicago, so this is where I would like to be. I honestly, wasn't going to send to GSAPP. Thanks for the encouragement, once again.

Mar 11, 13 4:13 pm

if i can get into gsapp there is no reason why you shouldn't. i think you should aim for gsd and ysoa

Mar 13, 13 1:22 am
Dima Srouji

@Kamueku Luke Kakizaki and @turq I remember your portfolios more than anyone else's. I've been wondering why you've disappeared. I hope you got into the schools you were hoping for! 

Mar 13, 13 5:16 pm

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