Travelling to Vienna....What to see....?


Hi Guys and gals -- travelling to Vienna...

Would apreciate any architectural recomendations....?

Jul 8, 12 4:12 pm

Adolf Loos -Goldman & Salatsch Building, American Bar 

Otto Wagner - Austrian Postal Savings Bank, Karlsplatz Stadtbahn Station

Zaha Hadid - Spittelau Viaducts Housing Project 

Hundert Wasser House

Karl Marx Hof

St. Stephen's Cathedral -- climb up to the tower to have a bird's eye view of the city


Schonnbrunn Palace

Don't forget to take a dip in the blue Danube (aka Donau) (not really blue these days) .. go to the Alte Donau if you can .. water is much cleaner/warmer there and you can rent boats etc

Walk around the city center, around 'The Ring' to understand and experience Vienna's inner city planning.. Take the U6 subway line to experience Otto Wagner's design of train stations and planning around the city

Visit Donau City housing complex and check out the UN headquarters there too

Jul 8, 12 7:27 pm

The Himmelblau projects: Among others the  -Gasometer,  and falkestrasse rooftop addition (this is in the vicinity of the Postal Savings Bank - do both at the same time. 

Hans Hollien's - Haas Haus, you will see this whether you want to or not - its across from stephansdom, And a few of his storefronts are incredible: 'The retti jewelry and candle shop. Also - the Albertina

The MAK museum - and and Angewandte are worth walking about. 

oh! Jean Nouvel's 'Sofitel' recently opened, check it out at night.

If you're are sticking downtown at night - the Museum's Quartier is on in the summer time. You can't go wrong. 

Vienna is underrated. Enjoy

Jul 9, 12 5:08 pm

you could spend days just stalking the wagner projects. and they're all worth it. 

Jul 9, 12 7:29 pm

no mention of the secession, but maybe that goes without saying? 

Jul 9, 12 7:30 pm

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