A Bridge to reconnect Los Angeles to its river

Donato de Vivo

The Los Angeles River must  be reconnected to the  city of Los Angeles (read the post about The Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan) and  The Art Bridge, designed  by Why Architecture associated with Judith Baca of SPARC ,could be an interesting example of a sustainable infrastructure because of the smart use of recycled materials. It could become a  symbol of regeneration. In fact the bridge structure is built  from trash salvaged from the river itself : concrete, plastic bottles , shopping cart and  recycled cans, glass and tire.  Moreover Photovoltaic panels on the canopy will generate electricity  during the  night.
From the bridge it will be possible to admire the Great Wall of Los Angeles mural by artist/muralist Judith Baca , and ,walking across this bridge, visitors may experience in a different way the Los Angeles River and  read about the history of the city. This mural  is one of the most spectacular murals in Los Angeles and it  portrays the history of California from pre-history to now,  placing more  emphasis on the history of minorities and civil rights.

Not a simple bridge but  an absolute symbol of sustainability and an example for the challenges that MEGALOPOLIS like LOS ANGELES have to face.

Jul 8, 12 2:00 pm

I think this bridge is more of a street furniture. To connect the LA River with the City is a much more complex project than coming up with a buzz word backed rendering that has no information on its urban design merits. Where are the connective aspects of a particular location and context and other studies? As someone who does urban design projects with students in this area I find this project as incomplete as a cheeseburger with the beef patty missing. I am sorry Donato, you need much more than that to address LA River and the City, keep it up.

Jul 8, 12 3:23 pm

Donato also needs to hire a professional copywriter. That was a cringeworthy read.

Jul 8, 12 3:27 pm
Donato de Vivo

it's just a post, I don't pretend to write a complete article. 

Jul 8, 12 4:21 pm

I think there is a misconception here. This is not near downtown LA. The Art Bridge is in the San Fernando Valley adjacent to Los Angeles Valley College and Grant High School, my old high school, in North Hollywood.  The Great Wall, a multi-year mural project on the walls of the 'Wash' as the locals call it,  has a pedestrian path alongside and is a very popular walking destination. It has been there for decades. So what connection are you talking about making?

Jul 16, 12 12:10 pm

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