recommend some computer speakers (mac tech geeks i could use your help also)


i am looking for some computer speakers for my girlfriend. she has a mac laptop and i thought there might be some wireless speakers, or a small usb/firewire transmitter to a hub that plugs into the speakers. the airport express would work except she needs the speakers to be able to send all the sounds the computer makes to the speakers (i think airport express only allows you to stream itunes)

after reading hardwired speaker reviews online i have narrowed down my search to 5 different speakers.

1. Logitech z-2300

2. harmon/kardon soundsticks II

3. altec lansing fx6021

4. creative labs l3800

5. jbl creature

does anyone have any of these and love or hate them? do you have a glowing recommendation for some speakers i don't have listed? is there a wireless connection that would work so she does not need to plug the speakers in everyday when she comes home? so many people have laptops now that it seems like this would be a much more common situation, i thought i would have quite a few solutions to choose from.


Feb 26, 07 4:21 pm

I've got the creature .... i'm pretty happy with it overall, it looks really well with my Imac ... as far as performance compared to the others, i'm not certain, but i think they sound pretty nice.

Feb 26, 07 4:36 pm

I bought my boyfriend some Soundsticks for Valentine's Day (romantic, huh?), and he loves them. He finds the volume controls delightful, and I'd have to say they're the best looking of the bunch.

Feb 26, 07 4:39 pm

Can't beat the performance, from a two speaker system no less....

these make the commute a breeze.

Feb 26, 07 10:29 pm

thanks to all three of you for your replies. i went to listen to a few today and i'm leaning toward the harmon kardon soundsticks. now i am also starting to consider getting a homespeaker system because it would only be another 50-100$.. too many options.

Mar 1, 07 12:41 am

Ive got nice silver creature speakers which match my G5! Overall I'm very very impressed with the quality given the low price. A friend of mine has the harmon/kardon soundsticks on his imac and I can't hear much difference in quality.

Mar 1, 07 8:22 am

Go wireless baby!

I've got the A-250 and I take it all over the house. Battery option 3.5 mm stereo input. Not super powerful but damn good for a desk-top. Best feature is that it works with hot-keys so you can skip forward and back and pause tracks from the remote unit. Saweeeeet.

Not sure about Mac compatibility but thats what you get from Steve.

Mar 1, 07 8:59 am

firstly inorder to get good sound, u need an amplifier and speakers as different unit. All in one will give u so so sound qualities.

try the vaccuum tube amplifier, recent they allow for computer usb plug in... then u can get the best speakers in town. more choice.

i would stay away from all those computer brand speakers, since they are not specialities in making good sound.

Mar 1, 07 9:06 am

also inorder to get good sound, u need a good sound card for ur computer.

Mar 1, 07 9:07 am

Harmom Kardon's are overrated. I've got a pair and the bass sounds like shiiiiit...

Go hifi

Mar 1, 07 3:37 pm

make sure you get the TK-421 modification...

Mar 1, 07 4:43 pm

i'm using the logitech's and i'm generally dissapointed. i doubt you'll get good sound out of those five. use headphones or go hi-fi.

Mar 11, 07 1:47 am
A Center for Ants?

consider the klipsch promedia 2.0s? another very nice 2 speaker system.
also good are the 2.1s which include a sub... but i think the subs for a two speaker computer setup is already overkill.

Mar 11, 07 5:39 am

ok so i still haven't made a decision...but here is where i am headed for the moment. after some research i found a program, airfoil, that allows you to stream things other than itunes through the airport express. i'm gonna set up the airport express to play through an old tuner and set of speakers i have which i am not using. they sound fine for the time being. i think eventually we will do some research and pick out a nice out of the box home system that gives us a few surround sound features for watching movies on her television.

i haven't set it up yet so i'll let you know how it goes once i get everything wired up and running.

Mar 11, 07 6:55 am

oh yeah thanks everybody for your responses. it is suprising that there is not much in the way for good consumer computer speakers. every speaker i read about had mixed reviews. i have to say listening to them in the store the harmon/kardons were the best of the bunch. it was tough to really tell with other music playing in the background but the mids and highs sounded clean. the bass is tougher to judge as i think it less directional and responds more to the space.

personally i'm running a pair of mackie hr824 through a mixer. it is a totally different price level but if you have the loot i recommend it.

Mar 11, 07 7:03 am

I've heard that Klipsch makes some good ones, too, but dont know which ones.

aspect - most of these companies are speaker specialty companies (with the exception of Logitech).

For quality, you have to pay. $250 seems like a lot for a computer speaker system, but for a home stereo that would be nothing for a single, center channel speaker.

I'd bet that most of these speakers were aimed at games, not music, too.

Mar 11, 07 9:53 am

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