Help: Is model making relevant??


Hello, everyone. I am in love with physical models. Being an architecture student, I hear discouragement every where I go- everything from "theres no need for models if we have computer-aided design" to "if you do make models, you'll have a hard time making money" to "no one does it anymore- after your third year of school, you wont even bother with models". I have done my own research, however and found so many amazing companies (most overseas) that do elaborate beautiful models. I would love to work for one of these companies or even have my own one day. Are models still relevant in today's world? Do you need to be a registered architect in order to do this kind of work? And is it more typical for companies to solely produce models, if they do at all?

Thanks for all your help..

Jul 7, 12 3:45 pm

registered architect in order to make models? hahaha that's the most ridiculous thing i've heard all year xDD  If models are all you want to make, why even go to architecture school?   I'm sure you can read up a little about architecture on your own and spend that time/money honing your model making craft.

Jul 7, 12 4:04 pm

Some firms make models in house, especially as a method of design process. It is a little more rare to find finished quality models these days done by firms, especially in house. From a cost point of view, depending on your level within the firm, the client is being billed for every hour you spend making a model + material cost, or that money is being eaten out of your budget. So, what in school seemed like just a final model, in the professional realm it is hundreds of dollars, if not more, in costs associated with a project. Some firms will outsource final models to either give to the client as a gift or display within the firm to show off to clients. You will still find firms that do this in house though. And you do not have to be a registered architect to do this type of work, there is no liability or concerns of safety when it comes to a physical model.

Jul 7, 12 4:18 pm

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