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Hello all,

In between job applications I decided to make a website.   It works on my end, but It's largely untested across the various browsers out there so I'm looking for some feedback on layout, ease of use, loading times, and how the formatting looks in your browser, etc/  

Any comments are much appreciated!

Also, it's not quite mobile ready but may be in the future.

Jun 23, 12 1:45 pm

This looks good, did you use Flash?

Just for the website I think the blurred out contact info is weird, maybe remake the resume with just the email and have a contact button or an email in text that you can copy paste easily some folks don’t like buttons that open programs.

On my browser the text to the left in the portfolio is cut off a bit maybe if it could be scrollable too so that would make it readable on any browser.

Jun 24, 12 6:18 pm  · 

Thanks for the input Peter.  

I'm not using flash anywhere.  Mostly html, css, and a little java.  

I agree the blurred out contact info attracts too much attention.

I'll like into the text issue.  I'm guess it gets cut off on certain resolution monitors.


Jun 24, 12 6:28 pm  · 
Dani Zoe

looks nice, i agree with peter's remarks and wanted to add that the text in the portfolio section should not be fully justified, it makes the word spacing too awkward. Perhaps just left justify or reduce the font size a bit to allow more words per line?

Jun 24, 12 9:38 pm  · 

1) load time is a bit long—I didn't even see the image background on the first clickthrough, only found out about it once I'd seen a project, backed back out, switched to another tab while I was waiting for it to load, and switched back. I didn't have the patience to wait for it to load, it was an accident.

2) I agree completely about the justified type. Justified text is for newspapers, not digital media, and it sometimes even sucks for that purpose.

3) you've got a LOT of images per project, and people grow tired of the never-ending scroll. People will absolutely back out before reaching the last images of your project. I would highly encourage you to edit down a little further. In one project (your housing project) I didn't even make it to anything you actually designed because there were so many comp studies at the top, and I got through at least a dozen images. This is increasing your loading time as well as keeping people from seeing all the images you want them to. I have also found that I'm very disappointed when I call a candidate in for an interview and they have nothing to show me that I haven't already seen on their website, so you may be better served all around to save some of it for your in-person portfolio.

Jun 24, 12 11:43 pm  · 

I know it's been about a month, but I still wanted to say thanks for all the feedback.  

Peter and Dani, I have changed all the description text to justified left.  I still haven't figured out how to make the description text scrollable when it is running off the screen for lower resolution monitors though. 

Also got rid of the blurred text on the resume.

Erin, I like your advice about limiting the amount of images.  I removed 5-7 images from almost every project and like it better, but feel it could still use some more editing.  

As for load time, it's fairly quick on most computers I've tested with.  Also, pingdom shows the site as having a 1.4 second load time, but of course all this can vary depending on computer and internet connection.

Thanks again.

Jul 25, 12 2:05 am  · 

@Erin Williams.  I noticed on your profile that you're currently working at Koning Eizenberg.  They are on my list of firms to send work samples.  How do you like it there?

Jul 25, 12 2:11 am  · 

Website looks good man. Nice layout. Nice images.

Jul 25, 12 7:48 am  · 

i think it looks good.  just to add a couple things, when i click one of the topics like 'work' and it expands, then click another like 'resume' and it expands, i probably would have had the first one collapse so it's a little less cluttered.  Also your favicon.ico seems to be broken.

Jul 25, 12 10:31 am  · 

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