Update: Commenting is back up


Commenting has been unavailable for the last 10 hours or so while we do some maintenance. Commenting will return shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: commenting is now back up, as of 1pm EST.

Jun 13, 12 12:42 pm

Maybe so ... but we seem to have lost the ability to edit our comments once posted.

Jun 13, 12 3:07 pm

You're right. This will be fixed shortly.

Jun 13, 12 3:13 pm

Do follow notifications work again/yet???

I used to get e-mails about new comments when I followed a thread, but that functionality seemed to cease some time ago... Haven't paid attention in a while, though, so maybe that it an old (resolved) issue. I have followed this thread, so I'll see what happens!

Jun 13, 12 3:31 pm

Archrichard - comment/follow notifications have never stopped working, to our knowledge. If you are not receiving notifications try to the following:

  • make sure you are actively following the posts by checking the "follow" link at the top (it should be blue and say "Unfollow" if you are following it
  • make sure that your email address is current in your account settings
  • make sure that the notification emails are not getting filtered by your email client into your spam/junk folder or any other type of folder (like "bulk" or "forums")
Jun 13, 12 3:37 pm

Checked all that, not working. Have asked about this before, and had feedback from others that notification is sporadic.

Jun 13, 12 4:18 pm

We would see errors in our server logs if notifications were not getting delivered successfully. If you come across this again, please let us know, indicating the time of the comment and a link to the page where it's located.

Jun 13, 12 4:37 pm

Well, all of my comments from this thread, for example.

This topic is followed, and I have clicked notify me via e-mail about new comment below this comment entry form...

(Or do these cancel each other out somehow?)

Jun 13, 12 5:04 pm

It looks like you are using a Gmail account. Try copy/pasting this into your Gmail search field: subject:"new comments in" in:all

Jun 13, 12 5:13 pm

Or is it back up?

Jun 13, 12 5:18 pm

The edit comment feature isn't working...

Jun 13, 12 5:18 pm

William - yes, quizzical pointed that out above ^
This will be fixed by tomorrow.

Jun 13, 12 5:21 pm

Very good, thanks! I generally use that account from a Thunderbird client. Had to go to the g-mail web ap for the search...Alerts were spammed, which is weird because I had been receiving them to this account previously with no problem.

Google in its infinite wisdom must have tightened filters. Thanks, again, though for the tech help. (Shoulda, woulda, couldda figured this out on my own but didn't due to faulty assumption - I broke the first rule of troubleshooting "Question everything"!)

Jun 13, 12 5:23 pm





Jun 13, 12 5:24 pm

Archrichard - great to hear you found them.

To make sure that they don't go into spam, add to your whitelist and address book. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

Also, you can create a filter in Gmail like this for a fool-proof way to stop the spam-filtering...

Jun 13, 12 5:31 pm


We really need to get comment editing back up ;)

Jun 13, 12 5:32 pm

Got it, thanks for the explainer with screen-shot. I appreciate that it takes time to do that.

I hope this is useful to others as well.

At this point, I think I have conveyed to my g-mail account the importance of communications from Archinect!

Again, tx!

Jun 14, 12 2:44 pm
boy in a well

so canz i post those lolcat jpegs that didnt post previously??



I'd hate to have to write an introduction with footnotes when a picture with kittens will do.

Jun 14, 12 7:42 pm
boy in a well

Test  1 2, 1 2   

Jun 14, 12 7:50 pm
boy in a well

Nope, didnt work.

How bout this: in preview, but not in posting . . .

Jun 14, 12 7:52 pm

test, working

Jun 18, 12 7:13 pm

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