what camera does Rem koolhaas carry most of time?


Leica M9 or Fuji x100? or something else?

Jun 13, 12 5:12 am

Do you have a picture of him w/ the camera?

Jun 13, 12 7:18 pm

i think he takes good pictures with his eyes and people in his office prints them.

Jun 13, 12 7:42 pm

MStrack: I think he properly didnt take as much arch. related pictures as he take others like street in Beijing.

Jun 13, 12 9:38 pm

If there was a photo of him and the camera it could be identified from there. The X100 came out relatively late in terms of the timeframe of his work of Beijing, so I doubt it would be that. As an exercise in how creepy the internet can be, I am strangley interested in finding out too.

Although, it does seem more than a bit personality cult-ish.

Jun 13, 12 10:15 pm

yeah... get a camera like Koolhaas if you want to become like him

Jun 14, 12 2:29 am

Hmm, neither. He seems to be using a Samsung Galaxy Note (?), in this video:

See from 1:30 to 1:38

Yes, I win the creepiest architecture-geek award. Thanks -- I will be here all day!

Jun 14, 12 5:04 pm

sameolddoctor: you are the man.  Can't believe he use the cell phone. But by my observation, he is the guy only concerning about the phenomenon and results not the media between them. I guess this is logical.

Jun 14, 12 8:18 pm
i r giv up

that's a galaxy note.




fuck iphones.

Jun 14, 12 8:38 pm

Great, but what kind of tooth brush does he use?  Can anybody find out that info?


Jun 15, 12 10:02 am

i bet you could tweet him, but it's been inactive for over a year!/remkoolhaas

maybe if everyone tweeted him, we could get like 50 archinect tweets asking for his preferred toothbrush style.  Sadly, I do not tweet so I was unable to start this new trend of twitter-stalking architects.  However, I do think any architect with a proper ego would adore the attention.

Jun 15, 12 10:39 am
i r giv up

when someone asks about me in 10 years, post up this one: 

Jun 15, 12 12:01 pm

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