Does your jobs as architects involve a lot of traveling? On average how many times do you have to do it in a year?

Jan 22, 07 8:29 am

nah ! i wish, in my country (Egypt); working with a consultant office/firm will not give u the chance of travelling and visiting sites hence the work is based mainly on preparing working drawings and designs, also another factor is how big the office/firm is; coz some do work with other international offices which requires meetings, but this requires a large experience. On the other hand i have some colleagues who work with contractors, they have the chance to travel depending on the location of the project they r working on, the duration varies depending on the project type, scale and work nature.
u r not an architect, r u ?

Jan 22, 07 10:03 am  · 

It really depends on the firm size, the discipline of the firm, and your position. But I would say compared to the vast majority of professions out there, architects travel a rather significant amount. I know my cousin probably travels 60+ times a year, but she's a senior associate and her firm has the clientele to reach globally. My roommate travels probably a couple dozen times a year at least. But not everyone in the office gets to travel, especially larger firms.

Jan 22, 07 10:22 am  · 

He's right, I do travel a couple dozen times a year, but at the expense of my professional creativity...but I do love to travel and meet new people!

If you are going to travel for your job, make sure you have a roommate who is willing to take care of your cat!


Jan 22, 07 10:53 am  · 

No meeez, i'm not an architect yet but will be .... one day : ) i asked this becouse i was speaking to someone who's an architect and she gets to travel a lot. I would love to if i was single, got a bit worried since i live with my boyfriend and he might not like it, silly but true.

Jan 22, 07 11:38 am  · 

I travel at least once per project, often time twice or more. Some states require site observation visits so that can bump up the visits and renovation projects of course require much more for site visits. Overall it's only about 30k frequent flier miles/year. Which isn't bad but often I'm catching the red eye home so I can sleep in my own bed rather than some McHotel.

Overall I'd say most architects do not travel all that much. The majority of architects are local small operations and work local. If you want to travel a lot it's a scene of big corporate firms and big clients - mostly. Then you have to be in a role that does travel. Many firms don't trust the "green" employees on expensive travel. I've been there.

Myself, I travel more because I'm still young and those above me pull senority to not travel, go figure. Then there's being in Dallas last week and watching Texans try to drive on ice. While it was amusing to watch, being on the highway with them didn't do my nerves any good. And spending hours at DFW hoping they didn't close the place down didn't make for a fun time either.

Work travel is still work, just remember that.

Jan 22, 07 1:38 pm  · 
Ms Beary

About twice a year for work, which is just enough. Depends on the position/firm/projects. If you want to travel I think you could find a position where you can. If you don't, likewise.

Architects do seem to get out there on their own too. I travel more than many of my friends/acquaintances. I just want to see what is out there, so I do.

Jan 22, 07 2:15 pm  · 

young, which I got to travel, but don't. My office's projects are all in our immediate area.

Jan 22, 07 2:34 pm  · 

I work at a small residential firm so our projects are all local. We did go to an AIA convention in Vegas, which was totally boring, but Vegas was a fun, drunk time. We also went to Costa Rica last March as our xmas bonus. We got our own house in the hills, with our own pool and chef and we went to the beach everyday for a week. Can't beat that.

Jan 22, 07 2:49 pm  · 

i get to go to the home office (about 6 hours by car.... yes i get paid to drive) for the company pool tournament/free dinner/free alchohol party in a couple weeks.

we will hopefully have workshops every couple months to go to.

other than that, its a site visit here and a run to the store there.... but i dont think thats what youre talking about..

btw, i'm young... just graduated last spring and this is my first real architecture job.

Jan 22, 07 7:05 pm  · 

I walk a few Kms everyday, to and from my cubicle to my director's.
Lol, Does that qualify ?

Jan 23, 07 1:22 am  · 

in my book, every step yeah, it counts.

Jan 23, 07 1:28 am  · 

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