Architecture Haiku


Oh architecture,
form, concrete, glass, corten steel.
How I love thee so.

Jan 14, 07 2:19 pm

Underpaid I am.
'Intern' carries no respect.
Should have been waitress.

Jan 14, 07 2:21 pm  · 

my favorite critique word.
Topologies, too.

Jan 14, 07 2:23 pm  · 

Model built from foam,
Ransacked by pack of gnomes who,
Destroyed my scale home

Jan 14, 07 6:37 pm  · 

collumns a3 and a4 too small,
displace window to left
can we make it more red?

Jan 15, 07 9:54 am  · 
vado retro

may want to do a little more research into what constitutes a haiku...

Jan 15, 07 10:06 am  · 
Chili Davis

Haiku is a mode of Japanese poetry, the late 19th century revision by Masaoka Shiki of the older hokku, the opening verse of a linked verse form, haikai no renga. The traditional hokku consisted of a pattern of approximately 5, 7, and 5 morae, phonetic units which only partially correspond to the syllables of languages such as English. It also contains a special season word (the kigo) representative of the season in which the renga is set, or a reference to the natural world.

Jan 15, 07 10:12 am  · 

Vado judging from Chili's remark regarding the definition it would be spurious for a haiku to be in English. However to add clarity to it all, a hokku is only the beginning line (as stated of 5 morae) and exists in other traditional Japanese linked poetry. "hok" meaning opening or first & "ku" meaning stanza

Jan 27, 07 6:47 pm  · 

frame the skylight shaft
with kiln dried 2 by 4 studs
curb mount that velux

Jan 27, 07 9:22 pm  · 
I love archinect

Paper i can eat?
that is the printer
damn is out of ink.

Jan 29, 07 8:26 am  · 

hardiplank or vinyl?
the condos torment me so.
i am a sell-out.

Jan 29, 07 10:09 am  · 

It’s in the details
Bituflame waterproofing
Keep the water out.

(I just like to say 'Bituflame'...)

Jan 29, 07 6:53 pm  · 

haiku: Japanese
poem of exactly se-
venteen syllables

Jan 29, 07 9:13 pm  · 

bad architecture
makes the hair on my neck stand.
strip malls and suburbs.

Jan 29, 07 9:16 pm  · 

B L K what's up?
You are bringing me down man.
Take vado's advice.

Jan 29, 07 9:50 pm  · 

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