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A new high rise is going up in Miami’s design district, and its a lean, green, eco machine. A collaboration between Chad Oppenheim architecture + design, energy consultant Buro Happold, and structural engineer Ysreal Seinuk, the $40 million, 25-story, “COR” building will incorporate mixed-use residential and commercial space, integrating green technologies including wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, and solar hot water generation. The building’s exoskeleton is a hyper-efficient structure that provides thermal mass for insulation, shade for residents, and architectural elements such as terraces and armatures that support turbines.

is this the beginning of the new 21st century highrise crown-design...(from watertank to the huge antenna to wind-turbines - like liebeskind's WTC, Morphosis Paris)
Ornament is back and to not get a crime, it gets green

Dec 11, 06 6:43 pm
Dec 12, 06 1:01 pm

how is that la defense tower sustainable????it looks like it's still underconstruction.

Dec 12, 06 2:38 pm

miami one looks like a bad rip on Reiser Umemoto's Dubai tower. Plus greenness.

Dec 12, 06 2:59 pm


Peter Seeger, Lehrstuhl für Baukonstruktion und Entwurf at the Uni Stuttgart

Dec 12, 06 3:19 pm


Dec 12, 06 3:20 pm

I like it.

Don't speak German though.

Dec 12, 06 3:35 pm

Conte- you rock!!! I've been dreaming 'bout integrating wind turbines into a high rise like they are in stuttgart...

bummer that I didn't publish the idea first. maybe I can get the first version built in the states.

wonder about the vibration control/sound isolation.. also this only works when there is predictable prevailing breeze.

Dec 12, 06 4:56 pm

you all who rip on IIT constantly should go talk to peter land if youd like to speak to someone who is beyond well versed in the concepts of green highrise structures

im in a bitter mood today so im gonna say this...

what the hell is miami's design district?
and if those pictures are showing off miamis design district... i think they have it mislabeled

on a less bitter note
i hate miami


i totally dig that tower... its so novel and gimicky but its looks so hot... its the architectural equivilent of a fischer spooner song

Dec 12, 06 5:05 pm

the stuttgard duds did this project together with future systems ... I think it was a eurpean union research project

Dec 12, 06 5:05 pm

the ZED project FUTURE SYSTEMS ..1995... eleven years ago

Project Zed London is part of a wider research initiative to explore the feasibility of zero emissions developments funded by the European Commission and carried out in collaboration with a team of partners including the Martin Centre, Cambridge University. The design of this mixed-use building exploits the wind as a free energy source. Naturally lit and ventilated spaces together with the building's form and design which harness the wind and sun as free energy sources, this building is almost entirely self sufficient in energy terms over a typical year. When excess energy is generated it is sold back to the national grid.

The building is formed around a central opening that acts as a wind concentrator with the wind turbines generating a significant percentage of free energy. Photo-voltaics create another free energy source and are integrated into the external shading fins. These fin-like louvers are brightly coloured on the underside to give an animated view of the building form from the pedestrian's vantage point.

Dec 12, 06 5:08 pm

Looks kinda like the Real Backer was "Trojan"

Dec 12, 06 5:14 pm

future systems has been trying to strap a turbine to a bldg for a long time... so have a lot of people... we're even getting an affordable housing complex w/ helical turbines on top... (chicago, thank your boss for me lletdownl)

calm down lletdownl... take out your frustration on a pillow or your monitor...

but as far as "green" as ornament, i don't think it's anything new...

it's more just a continuation as technology as ornament...

but people are getting large incentives, private and public, to build green... so it's more than image, more than ornament... it's a functional design component

but...the building does look lost

Dec 12, 06 5:22 pm

I also hate miami. too many mosquitos and fashion that makes don johnson look hip.

Dec 12, 06 5:24 pm

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