Calgary: the land of opportunity


After many minutes of scouring the forums and world wide net, I have found little on Calgary as an architectural incubator, and specifically on the program at UofC. Most discussions are quite dated, and I'm wondering what you guys think of UofC's EVDS and M.Arch programs along with their pedagogy and adoption of a generative modelling focus.

Yep, it's a school question, but just be thankful decision season is almost over. 


Apr 20, 12 1:39 am

Phone Marc Boutin @ +1 (403) 220-6251

Apr 20, 12 3:26 pm  · 


Thanks for the number whistler but It'd be great to hear some first hand experience from students or recent grads as opposed to professors.

May 4, 12 2:39 am  · 

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