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I am an Industrial Designer.  I am working on a project to design architectural poles/camera systems for surveillance type settings.  I am looking for ways to improve the current system of designing which includes very stand-out forms that do not compliment the environment which they go. I realize that architects spend lots of time creating an environment and it seems that security cameras do not blend well with that creation.  Not sure where this project will go.  It could lend itself to an entire line of products but for right now, what would you guys like to see in camera systems?  Do you have any suggestions for decorative poles or have any ideas that you have thought, I wish they made this...  Or I wish those things weren't hideous.  lol.  Anything will be helpful.  Thanks in advance!


Apr 18, 12 10:15 am

what if a security camera used a domed mirror, similar to how people make 360 pictures? It would have full 360 view (through software) at all times. 

Apr 18, 12 2:44 pm  · 

Thy already make this. 


Thanks for the input tough.  I am really looking for esthetic advice.  Currently there are many light fixtures on the market to help complete a "look"  Security isnt really there yet.  Any ideas?

Apr 19, 12 1:18 pm  · 

Yeah, it is a great idea about 360 views for security cameras. I'm already using such a camera, it is very convinient

May 5, 21 3:11 am  · 

I think that if you are using a 360 camera, the general number of cameras could be decreased

May 5, 21 4:40 am  · 

I think you've alluded to what it is that we are looking for as architects, a security camera that "blends in" with the design. The old saying of "less is more" sort of thing would apply here...The less it looks like a security camera and just blends in with the surround context the better...I know that's easier said than done and you have to contend with the fact that most institutions actually want the camera to stand out so that way any "no-gooders"  are more effectively made aware that they are on camera. So you sort of have a conflicting goals...a camera that blends in and a camera that stands out....Good luck!

May 5, 21 2:02 pm  · 

They’re not ‘security’ cameras, they are surveillance cameras. And they are a massive violation of civil rights.

As an industrial designer I would refuse to work on such a project. 

May 5, 21 3:10 pm  · 
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