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There was a book one of our architecture professors had that was a collection of images similar to this - only black and white - of all types of different cities (similar to the image below). The white represented public space, was building density (for the most part). I've read that some people think its from a book called "Great Streets" by Allan B. Jacobs - but I'm fairly certain it was a different book than that. Would anybody happen to know of other books with images like this? It was a large book, very detailed drawings. It's driving me bananas not knowing the name of the book, and I would like to purchase it. Please help! Thanks :)

Apr 2, 12 11:02 am

Edmund Bacon's Design of Cities?

Apr 2, 12 12:00 pm

i'm not sure if that's's possible. i thought it was strictly plans of cities and nothing else.

Apr 2, 12 12:04 pm

two possibilities that i can think of: the genealogy of cities by charles p. graves, jr. or more likely urban atlas by joe passoneau and richard saul wurman (long out of print and very expensive)

Apr 2, 12 12:17 pm

if urban atlas only covers 20 american cities, that isn't it. this book was international...large cities such as rome/paris, down to smaller cities - even including savannah, georgia.

genealogy of cities seems close, but i still don't think thats exactly it.

Apr 2, 12 12:31 pm

won - thats where i found the images originally, but i'm fairly certain they were taken from the book in question.

Apr 2, 12 12:31 pm

sounds like it could be from a 20+/-yo book by agrest and gandelsonas, too.

Apr 2, 12 1:29 pm

Allan Jacobs, Great Streets.

Apr 2, 12 3:10 pm

i still am not sure any of those are it...i want to say it was something like, fabric of the city...form of the city, something to that effect.

but - on a side note - this is good because these are all books i think i will definitely check out, so thank you all for your help.

Apr 3, 12 4:21 am


Apr 3, 12 11:50 am

Disregard above.

Apr 3, 12 12:02 pm

You might also be thinking of City Planning According to Artistic Principles, by Camilo Sitte, which included a wealth of figure-ground diagrams for the squares and public spaces of major cities.

Apr 3, 12 4:53 pm
won and done williams

Ladders (1996), Albert Pope

Apr 3, 12 9:11 pm

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