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Hey All - 

I am in a seminar at Berkeley that is investigating the role of manifestoes and monographs in shaping discourse and production of architecture. This week- we are looking at blogs. Since I know a lot of you are blog savvy (much more so than I, who can't keep up a blog to save my life) I wanted to offer you random viewers of this post to comment on our short and often incoherent responses to the blog as a manifesto.

Some excerpts from the production : 

it’s so easy to just write it’s so easy to be illegible to produce garbage run on run away useless unedited drivel with or without punctuation or point no thesis no direction no audience with the idea that people will read your words and be moved moved to act moved to think moved to do better or more or less that publication as it mattered once before still matters only now it’s available to everyone and its free and accessible and anyone who has an idea can get it out into the world without having to go through the gatekeepers the fatuous publishers the tastemakers the style police the authorities on all that is right and good and worth while what a waste how much better to let it be open and free and like milk the cream will rise to the top and people will recognize what is worthwhile and meritorious from the millions and millions of other blogs and notes and posts trust in the crowd trust in the hive it doesn’t matter if you have ability or talent you simply have to do whatever you’re doing already publically and find your true community online and share your experiences your daydreams your passing thoughts your need for connection your longing your ignorance or irreverence your indifference who cares about accuracy and credibility your people will trust you and you will find trustworthy people and you won’t get duped

Just as the production of an architectural product has been compressed (hand drafting taking many many hours>BIM, hand render>modo, narrative>animation) the thesis--the manifesto is compressed into ashort enough blurb that can be easily digested without excessive rereading. Even if it is dense it is full of volumtious language embodying the idea consistantly and rendering any one phase insignificant--the idea the informaitonal context is absolute--it is assumed that the bombarment of information has already gotten the reader up to speed

Help us out - our class is in four hours - leave your comments - help us make sense of this insanity!




Mar 22, 12 4:59 pm


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I would say perhaps the manifesto, whether published or in blog form, is and always has been more a form of self gratification than anything.  If you want to post what you think is important, more power to you.  Hopefully it makes you feel relevant just as it did for Venturi/Scott Brown.

Mar 22, 12 5:18 pm  · 

Manifesto is Masurbation? Are you willing to defend this claim?

You apparently avoid saying what you think is important, no opinion is an opinion, isn't it?

Mar 22, 12 7:52 pm  · 

Also - please consider posting on our blog! We will also have a live - hang out - at - we will be live streaming our seminar and we invite you to join us from 6:00-9:00 PM PST - (One hour from now) -

Mar 22, 12 8:06 pm  · 

curtram, I would disagree with that for the most part.

I think a manifesto as a tool to guide ones own work is a very powerful thing, however when it takes over every decision it can be limiting as it is in politics and life.  In other words, a manifesto should not be a final document, and it should allow room for good old common sense.

When a manifesto dictates to others then I guess I would agree with you unless it is backed by undeniable scientific proofs or rationale.

Mar 22, 12 9:46 pm  · 

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