The Inevitable Project Runway Thread

Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

This post was gonna happen sooner or later. I laughed out loud when that model came out with the fruit basket on top of her head.

Jul 13, 06 10:05 pm

great show, but that dopey architect looks like she either stepped out of a Kraftwerk video or was a Palmer Girl at one time. i suspect she might have been a man at one time...

Jul 13, 06 10:22 pm

Well done, Smokety!

and beta, I swear to god, I was trying to place what she reminded me of. She HAD to have been a Palmer girl, that's hilarious. But she smiles too much.

I'm hoping to see that little blond girl do well. She's got quite an independant streak.

Jul 13, 06 10:26 pm
liberty bell

Alright I am totally on board with archinect becoming the unofficial fan site for the-architect-who-is-on-Project-Runway-this-season. Oh oops her name is Laura Bennett, here is her picture:

and here's her bio.

Good calls above, all, except for your use of the word "dopey", betadine. I say that especially because today I, yes, I, a female architect, did something totally dopey on site (check Thread Central to find out what).

Jul 13, 06 10:36 pm
vado retro

vado says runaway you bugeyed freaks...

Jul 13, 06 10:42 pm
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

That Malan guy looks like a vampire.

Jul 13, 06 10:51 pm

michael knight !!

is my pick (davey hasselhof?)

coffee filters are near and dear to mi corazon ~

Jul 14, 06 12:38 am

that guy from LA looks like the new santino

Jul 14, 06 1:32 am

ok, i don't have american tv, so maybe i am missing something but my first response after seeing the above was

oh man, thank the small gods i don't gots me no american tv channels here.

why can't we just bring back the irish rovers? huh? Now THAT was television.

Jul 14, 06 4:53 am
vado retro

just cant see no unicorns...

Jul 14, 06 6:37 am

I totally thought I wouldn't like the architect, simply based on her appearance alone, but I did! Also, that coffee filter dress was awesome--I really liked it and was kinda bummed the judges didn't comment on it at all. I was also a little bummed that the classic but boring dress won the "innovation" challenge given that it was easily the least innovative. The last 2 seasons taught me the same lesson: no matter what they SAY the challenge is about, really they just want to see something pretty and classy. ...not too far off from arch. school.

Jul 14, 06 12:14 pm

Ok tonight's show was kinda crap. I am not surprised with the winner, Ms USA chose a very typical Ms USA dress, which is not something that any of us would have been caught dead in, but I completely disagree with who they kicked off.

*Spoiler alert*

I just felt so bad for the guy, and he's obviously got some talent. He's like a cartoon character, and now I feel like he's been scorned and he's going to go off and become the Green Goblin or something. The woman should have been kicked off based on ignorance alone.

Jul 20, 06 1:07 am

The woman should have been kicked off because she didn't even attempt to do any work. No sketches, nothing. HOWEVER: my roommate and I figured that if they kick someone off, it's going to have to be for design reasons and nothing else (like, not just based on hearsay from other people that they couldn't get along in a team or whatever) and thus legally or whatever they were in a bind to make a choice that they could defend. At least with the vampire they can point to something and say "that design wasn't good". It IS a shame though. Honestly I didn't think his dress was even that bad--the back of it over the ass was actually pretty nice. The mismatched boob ruching was pretty bad, though. But not the worst I've seen on that runway, and at least it had more personality than some of the other BORING dresses. Oh well. He was kind of an egotist. ( But I guess they all are...)

Yeah, this episode was a little disappointing. I did like the fabric the pageant dude picked though.

Jul 20, 06 9:17 am

I understand with what you're saying and I have to agree. Unfortunately I also think they did themselves a disservice because the vampire obviously provided some character to the show whereas someone who starts off an exercise not doing what they are supposed to be doing, i.e., sketching, just shouldn't even be there.

It was so sad when he talked about his mom thinking that his stuff would never amount to anything. Then he gets kicked off. Humph.

He also reminded me a little bit of Stewie on The Family Guy.

Jul 20, 06 9:23 am

Yeah. He definitely seemed a bit of the self-pitying type, though. How many of us have heard the same stuff over and over in crits? Maybe not that harsh, and not coming from your mom, but still--if he'd gone to fashion school, he would have heard stuff like that over and over for years. His big thing was that you don't need school to succeed--and for 99.9% of the populace that just isn't true, so in a way I'm glad he didn't get further. You need to learn how to get shit done on time and in a way that satisfies the objectives and is also pretty. That's all pretty hard to learn just on your own. I do feel sorry for him though...but then I suspect that had they needed to create pathos for any of the contestants, pretty much all of them could have come up with something equally difficult and sad about their own backgrounds to say.

That chick is gonna be out the next time she has to work in a team--she's got major maturity issues.

Jul 20, 06 9:28 am

i was watching last week and i realized that i knew
one of them...went to school with 'the chick' i believe...
can't remember her name at the moment..but i saw in
previews that she was arguing with the guy. very strange
to see someone's face after ten years, or more, and try
to remember how you knew someone...still can't quite

Jul 20, 06 10:08 am

Interesting... she went to my alma mater for awhile. (It had a campus in Tours?!)

Turns out the cute blonde went to massArt, too. Cool! Wonder if she was in the fashion show Pixel went to last year. She would be about the right age.

Jul 20, 06 10:26 am

that's her. i think i lived on the same floor as her
in the arts interest house at penn state...not sure what
year...but she's the same age as it sounds right.

Jul 20, 06 10:50 am
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

Yeah ... I was disappointed that the vampire was voted off. His dress was weird, but I think the panel gave too much deference to Miss USA -- what the hell does she know? Did you see her hair? She looks like she was en route to a prom in Houston, Texas circa 1986 (I can say that ... I went to high school in Texas). Wasn't she wearing acid-washed jeans and buckskin Ugg boots? Feh.

But if this was a design competition, then the Ohio girl should have been voted off. She contributed nothing, as others have said. I loved the fact that the panel liked her partner's dress, even when she indicated that she would never have her name on such a dress. And Vera Wang, Heidi Klum and Miss USA are, like, "We loooove it!!!" Boo-yah!!!!

But did anyone watch the episode of Megastrucutres on the National Geographc Channel ... the one about the Port of Rotterdam? Two words: ROBOT CARS. Awesome.

Jul 20, 06 11:26 am

Malan's gown was inexcusable !!! And Heidi told the Ohio girl that she BARELY made it to the next round. And what the fuck did Vera Wang contribute?? All she said was that so-and-so's gown was "very modern." In depth.

Jul 20, 06 12:08 pm

The Ohio girl has to stay just for more drama in upcoming episodes. Vincent from Santa Monica is like that crazy guy in studio. Those sleeves on is gown were trekkie.

Jul 20, 06 12:10 pm

ha ha ha ha, Vincent is TOTALLY "that crazy guy"! Except less violent than ours was. Awwww... I dig him. I, too, liked the back of his dress (and it was more interesting than a lot of the "mid-range" ones, too.) I thought the architect's dress was classic Pageant-wear but from the waist up it looked awful on the moel! If you can't get something to look good on a MODEL...

And yeah, I was excited to see Vera but then totally let down as she contributed nothing of value (or whatever she did contribute, they edited out in favor of including more snippets of bitchy comments from Angela).

Jul 20, 06 12:39 pm

dude i freaking loved tonight's show! the PUPPIES! i loved the puppies!

However, what the fuck. 2 weeks in a row that bitch Angela from Ohio should have gotten kicked off, her stuff is absolute shit. It's very clear that she's a one note wonder, she was WEARING the same type of skirt that she designed for fuck's sake.

Sorry I'm a little worked up.

Jul 27, 06 12:06 am
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

Who got voted off? Wait, don't tell me!

Jul 27, 06 12:09 am

I won't tell you but it should have been Angela again.

Also I'm DYING to know what happens next week, who breaks what rule. I didn't even know there were rules. Anybody got any leads on spoiler web sites?

Jul 27, 06 12:14 am

Ugh, I watched the preview on the website, expected to learn what rule had been broken . . . no such luck. Argg.

Jul 27, 06 12:38 am

Jay, the winner of the first season, went to my alma mater, but never graduated from there. But my old university now looks upon him as a demi god.

Jul 27, 06 3:08 pm

Angela is still in and it's a godsend! She will continue to be a divisive force which is why you watch these shows anyway. Last night's episode... the dogs... the best! Angela knows she sucks, she gets threatened with expulsion two weeks in a row and it's just like those people that pass studio and you never understand how the hell, especially when they also fail some friendlier folks. The one that was expelled last night deserved it. She has been doing blah work from the start. Angela's stuff... "streetwalker attire" I think is what they called it.

Jul 27, 06 3:26 pm

if angela were being kept on for dramedy then malan would still be there as well!

i agree taget snowboarder girl's stuff was blah, and she seemed to be a one-note, at least in comparison to some of the other competition this season.

TIP! search best week ever blog for the best guess i've heard so far at the scandal.

i miss malan.

i love the cute blonde alison.

i like that laura is an architect. but some of her clothes look more cheap than elegant, and i was mildly offended by her reaction to the doggies.

and i was a little suprised that bradly's architect's/structured outfit was one of the favorites last night. but i did think it was unique, good to see him pull it off after watching him struggle for 35 minutes.

what's up with that girl bonnie who they hardly show any footage of, and whipped out the cute black mod dress with the big white jacket!!!

and does kaynes hair color and general aire bother anyone else?

Jul 27, 06 3:47 pm

stephanie you are so resourceful. thanks for that.

I agree that Kayne is a bit odd but he's gay and from Oklahoma so you have to give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.

I also really like alison. She seems really nice and chic, and definitely inspired. I like her DIY attitude. Speaking of DIY:

In case anyone wants to do the full tour!

I am watching a re-run of last night's show right now because I love the doggies so much.

Jul 27, 06 9:16 pm
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

Malan has a web presence

Jul 27, 06 9:40 pm
liberty bell

Thanks for the wrap-up, stephanie. I just watched the runway portion of the show (I never see the beginning as I'm usually gettin' the kid to bed), so I didn't see Laura's reaction to the doggies - but I loved what tiny glimpse I got of her outfit, the neckline looked so cool!

My biggest problem with the show is they spend too much camera time on Heidi and not enough on the outifts - I've never enjoyed watching runways because the panning and movement and all never lets you (or me, at least) get a good look at what the outfit is: how it is structured, the silhouette, the interraction of fabrics, the details...I'm just not quick enough to get all that in a split-second moving shot. Oh well.

I, also, was afraid that Bradley's outfit would fail miserably - I like him, he reminds me of my best man - but happy that he did well. The skirt pleating was very nice.

Jul 27, 06 10:10 pm

LB- I have the same problem. I see something on TV and think, "ooh, that's great", but then when I see a still pic in a magazine, I find three different details that make it horrible.

Jul 27, 06 10:33 pm
vado retro

whenever i feel like i don't have a life, i visit this thread and feel better about myself. thanks archinect. i will be able to make it through another day.

Jul 28, 06 12:58 am

ouch vado.

did you know that this season's garments are up for auction on the project runway site?

i used to think malan's "everyone is beautiful" stance was charming, but after skimming his blog all i hear in my head is that creepy motherfucking laugh. thanks SMcSS

Jul 28, 06 10:34 am

is anyone else disturbed by the frequent appearance of laura's chest?

anorexic birdcage + plunging necklines does not equal sexy...

it seems that all of her designs have that same plunging neckline too...

Jul 28, 06 11:29 am
liberty bell

architphil, that low neckline on a woman with little/no cleavage is what I would call "style". Remembering that style isn't always traditionally "pretty".

I think ochona posted here once the saying "Style is taking what you got and putting it where you don't." I think it's appropriate here.

vado, I know too much about your TV viewing habits to be offended by your post above ;-)

Jul 28, 06 3:41 pm
liberty bell

Jeeeezus kee-rist! I just followed stephanie's link to the auction site above - I would seriously consider wearing Laura's last outfit but it's tailored to size 0 to 2 for a woman who is 5'-10" to 6' tall!!!!

Holy crap do I feel tubby now. No wonder people hate the fashion industry so much!

Jul 28, 06 3:49 pm
vado retro

i dont watch tv i watch dvd's. big difference. the king has just dissolved parliament and oliver cromwell is pissed!

Jul 28, 06 4:00 pm

I'm like the opposite of that sized person. If you took that size woman and squished her down to 5'-4" and gave her boobs, you might have me. I don't hate the fashion industry for designing for that sized person, I understand that we all design to a certain set of limits and that those are established norms in that industry. However, I would really be awed by a designer if they could take someone like me and design an outfit that would make me look good in pictures.

I wish PR would make that into a challenge...."design an outfit for your model wearing a fat suit" or something. I won't hold my breath :o/

Jul 28, 06 4:04 pm
liberty bell

vado, as you pointed out here your DVD viewing isn't always educational - so how was 'Dorm Life 4', anyway?

(Sorry, vado, just teasing you sweetie)

Jul 28, 06 4:09 pm

you can watch project runway on dvd.

Jul 28, 06 4:29 pm
vado retro

lb, downfall was a very educational film and well dorm life 4 was probably educational for somebody. however, it was given to me by mistake. cromwell wins by the way.

Jul 28, 06 8:22 pm

like myriam, i can only imagine laura the architect saw the ep1 coffee filter dress Michael made and decided he's her guy. I think any architect that saw the coffee filter dress was probably as impressed as i, myriam and Laura were. I like to think that dress was the impetus of their partnership.

However, laura is not a fashion designer. She continues to make clothes that she would wear herself. Rudolph Schindler made his own silk shirts, Michael Rotondi makes his own lapelless jackets. Not a fashion designer do these things make, but rather reinforce the perception of our overbearing concern for design at all levels, our "supermaker" mentality.

blackman gets no camera time. See what happens when you're soft-spoken and a niceguy?

project runway now being torrented to YouTube. I dont have cable, either.

Jul 29, 06 4:47 pm
vado retro

the last time i saw you
you seemed so much older
your famous blue raincoat
was torn at the shoulder...

Jul 29, 06 8:00 pm

by the way, heidi klumb's nose does not look real. i doubt it's her own.

Jul 30, 06 12:31 am

she does have seal babies.

Jul 31, 06 10:41 am

lb... i don't dispute that the whole plunging neckline thing is a style... or that it can be quite nice... i've actually liked some of her clothes... but her first design and last design both had the plunging neckline with poofy fringes... seems like it might be a one-liner sorta thing for her... i'd just like to see her try something a little different.

Jul 31, 06 2:19 pm
liberty bell

Agreed, architphil, most of her work that we've seen looks quite similar.

Ummm, stephanie, am I embarassing myself by asking what 'seal babies' means? Oh dear...

Jul 31, 06 4:25 pm
Jul 31, 06 4:33 pm
liberty bell

Aaaah, yes, thank you for clarifying: being with Seal is the only thing about Heidi that makes her bearable for me.

Jul 31, 06 4:42 pm

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