got architecture?


It's official - architecture, as a major, "dumbs down" our income.  Among the professions, we are the servant class; mere muses and semioticians to the 1%.  I guess our Corbusian ideals went under water with our mortgages.


Mar 14, 12 12:40 am

boring clients=boring architecture, and the profession will always be in the shitter as long as we serve these mindless, anti creative, housewife of new york watching, conservative, yuppy, status quo maintaining, power tie wearing, blue tooth wearing, power walking, overly complicated starbucks drinking, slobs.  Society sucks, people suck, the economy sucks,...what do you expect?



Mar 14, 12 1:14 am  · 
drums please, Fab?

you forgot liberal/progressive

Mar 14, 12 1:29 am  · 

most people who claim to be liberal/progressive are full of shit hipsters that wear it like a style.  most of these idiots annoy me too, but conservatives tend to annoy me a little more.  basically i like about 5 or 6 people, the late george carlin is one, and thats it haha.


Mar 14, 12 1:46 am  · 

oh this article strikes a nerve on a personal level.  my own family member (who I am doing a residential renovation for) told me the other day that "I think too much like an architect, and you need to do what the client wants" basically be a mindless cog and do not interfere with my tastless un-informed half-ass vision.  "the contractor doesn't question everything, it's my house just do what I want."  what you want sucks and is a waste of money.  But it's my money.  But I am doing the work for free so it's my time.  "well I guess we will never see eye to eye."  I guess not because your head is up your ass and your eye is stuck on the house from the real housewifes of plasticville u.s.a.......just venting....

Mar 14, 12 2:04 am  · 

If you are doing the work for free, and the results will suck....why do it?

Mar 14, 12 12:22 pm  · 

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