zumthor loses bid to buy out therme baths at vals...



"Swiss star architect Peter Zumthor has lost a battle for ownership of the spa and hotel complex in Vals, eastern Switzerland, which he designed.
The commune, which owns the complex, decided on Friday night to sell it to 35-year-old property developer Remo Stoffel.

The thermal baths, a maze of pools enclosed by concrete and stone mined from the surrounding hills, were opened in 1996 and attract visitors from far and wide. The commune of Vals decided to sell the complex as it could not afford the necessary investment in the hotel.

The people of Vals took the decision to sell to Stoffel after a long and heated discussion. Three-quarters approved the sale of the complex. With 287 votes for Stoffel’s project, and 219 for that of Zumthor, the result was clearer than observers had predicted.

“Seventy-five per cent in favour is a good result,” Vals businessman Stoffel commented.

Stoffel’s group offered SFr7.8 million ($8.49 million) for the spa and hotel, and pledged to invest SFr50 million in hotel renovations as well as to build a multi-purpose hall. Zumthor had made a similar offer.

Local residents were divided over whether to back the thermal baths creator, Zumthor, or local businessman Stoffel, with many anxious to make a break between Vals and the architect."


extended interview with zumthor (in german) here.


scary takeaway for me: the expansion of the hotel (and adding a multi-purpose hall) could irrevocably affect the experience of the complex. zumthor, in the interview, doesn't have much faith in the developer and there's a chance he could mar the baths simply as a revenge move. 






Mar 11, 12 9:37 pm

Well, they could certainly improve the entrance:

Mar 11, 12 10:08 pm  · 

Shame that he couldn't own his own masterpiece. That would certainly be every architect's dream.


Mar 12, 12 1:37 pm  · 

His wife already runs the place. 

Mar 12, 12 2:01 pm  · 

Not anymore i think, if google translate worked for me. His wife was dismissed as hotel director. 

Some big politics going on there. A smear campaign from a lazy hotel board member against Mr. Zumthor.

Mar 12, 12 2:31 pm  · 

they want to extend an extension? maybe add a Starbucks too?

Mar 12, 12 2:39 pm  · 

"35-year-old property developer Remo Stoffel"

Mar 12, 12 2:43 pm  · 

the face of evil

Mar 12, 12 2:50 pm  · 

money talks, bullshit walks

Apr 7, 12 12:20 am  · 

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