Municipalities of the World

oh yea my hometown too,
Izmir, Turkey

Jul 6, 06 11:38 pm
Barcelona, Catalonia
Jul 7, 06 2:57 am
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Jul 7, 06 2:51 pm
too many lines!

Guatemala City, Guatemala [url=]

Jul 7, 06 3:14 pm
too many lines!

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Jul 7, 06 3:15 pm

Vollmaringen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Michael Mußigmann, one of my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers, was mayor of Vollaringen around the middle of the 18th century. He died on Halloween, 1759.

Why am I not surprised that Vollmaringen still has a Jester Guild?

Jul 7, 06 3:27 pm
A Center for Ants?
Gainesville, Florida, USA

evidently the clock tower on the city home page is an elementary school friend's father's design...

Jul 7, 06 6:46 pm

so, in city of san antonio, tx, there are total 8 plancheckers, 3 of them residential (red team) and a plan check + permit would cost 275 + 687.33 for a 200,000 $ new house with no trees on the lot. not bad...

Jul 7, 06 9:19 pm

Troy, Michigan issued +,- 145 building permits in may 2006. biggest permits were, 11,234.33 for Construction Specialists and 3576.25 for Barney's New York.
City made 132,113.90 from all the building permits in May.

Jul 7, 06 9:29 pm

so far, 56 municipalities and majority of web sites are similar format. any thoughts on that?

Jul 7, 06 10:51 pm
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke
Montreal, Quebec
Jul 7, 06 11:09 pm
brian buchalski

are you kidding me? orhan, you must have something better to do than post city websites on is it true that your generosity knows no bounds?

oh, and thanks for posting troy, mi...i just needed that one this afternoon in fact. here's another one for you:

oslo, norway

Jul 8, 06 1:02 am
vado retro

i post on most of these sites as well...

Jul 8, 06 1:06 am

i think i was having a 'hitchhiker flashback fantasy' one muni a time. ;)

Jul 8, 06 2:16 am
Jacksonville, Arkansas, USA
Jul 8, 06 9:50 am
Caerdydd, Wal
Jul 10, 06 3:54 am

boring day at the office uh?

Jul 10, 06 6:13 am

boring? hardly.
municipalities and their web sites are good places to look for projects and as news sources for leads or direct links. nevermind the geo political perspective and real time urban planning efforts and much more. don't underestimate how much work goes into posting a news item in archinect, my bigness...

Jul 10, 06 2:38 pm

<br />

Jul 17, 06 11:05 am
le bossman

these are all sister cities of Grand Rapids<br /> michigan

these are other places i've lived and worked:

Tempe<br />

Ann Arbor<br />

Detroilet<br />

Bozeman<br />

Jan 30, 07 2:26 pm
le bossman

whats up with that

Jan 30, 07 2:27 pm
brian buchalski
erie, pa
Jul 30, 07 5:30 pm
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

München, Deutschland

Gifu, Japan

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Liuzhou, China

Nancy, France

[url=]Taipei, Taiwan[url]

Netanya, Israel

Jul 31, 07 9:17 am
vado retro

my Hometown cuz everybody's got to be from somewherez.

Aug 26, 07 8:54 am

We have no city, Montserrat

Aug 26, 07 12:16 pm
brian buchalski
walnut creek, california
Aug 27, 07 11:27 am

Sep 18, 11 9:01 am

Vernon, CA

Jan 12, 14 5:26 pm

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