The Architecture After The Economical Crisis

GREED: Unsustainable mortgages and almost immoral financial products led the whole world to depression, inflation, unemployment and so on.

SURVIVORS: Some businesses saw the opportunity, not the disaster - they launched new products, cheaper, smaller, smarter.

Maybe there will be a new philosophy after the crisis. Where do you think the architecture will lead us? Sustainable buildings? Smarter buildings? Cheaper, better, how? Maybe a new understanding of our clients?

I wrote an article on my blog regarding the apartment buildings architecture  in my country after the crisis. But changes might be anywhere.

So what do you think?

Mar 2, 12 10:21 am

In terms of survivors; the remains come true for first to the last of the Americans; by the bloodlines.  American family houses by USA trademark remain true for the production of American generations in scarce populations to the greater genres.  Such buildings may pose a question of change from apartment projects to concentration camps of Americans by resistance to emigrating statuses from immigrants.  The housing were reflected by leading architects such as Bauhaus projects.

The economical means of survivors in re-population in parallelism of housing for American themes-culture-life-and traditions.

DNA replicate the realities of humanity in reproduction fashion, by xy  xx yy factors; therefore the genocide was real in death warrants against the American natives, both reservation and by ghetto scenes.

If Americans are not here, who is to produce the backbones of American dollars; put into work for reconstruction, redesign, and new framing plans/foundations.  

Tents and wooden logs of the past were not only poverty of architecture; but to restore a new order of architectural pilots for new structural functions as much planks of woods into a building.  American survivors continues from the financial woes by the Social Security Adminstration

May 27, 18 3:51 pm

English translation, please.

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