Niemeyer TV tower


Couldn't see this anywhere else, so thought I'd post it in here for everyone. Whether or not you like the look, you've got to be impressed that the man's still working at 104... His latest is this TV tower in Brasilia.

I've not made it to Brasilia yet: someday... someday... Talk about an architect's holiday! :-)

Apr 21, 11 11:31 am

I remember everyone in school prattling about how "great" brasilla was and then one time when I had the opportunity to visit - I was litterally shocked at how attrocious it was - not because of the architecture but because of the horrendous planning.....


It looked rather nice from the airplane though.........And the buildings themselves are good.  But it is an urban catastrophe that just doesn't work.  They tried the same thing in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Apr 21, 11 12:49 pm  · 

Ao nosso Mestre Arquiteto e Urbanista Oscar, valem todas as homenagens....

Feb 15, 14 7:04 pm  · 

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