Row Housing Precedents


Hey all,

Does anyone have some examples of successful row housing precedents? I'm researching the contexts appropriate for the row-house typology.



Jan 30, 12 11:20 pm

I can still enjoy Kiefhoek:

Jan 31, 12 3:03 am  · 

You might try this previous thread The Rowhouse: Unique/Interesting/Appealing Rehabs

Jan 31, 12 7:25 am  · 

Azuma house by Ando

Jan 31, 12 9:43 am  · 
pale shelter

haha the Ando example... if there's anything that says "fck off" or "here's the door, right there" (there might as well be an arrow) .. see below image of Ando's row house. How does this shit get published?! lol it's beyond me.  Anyone that can convince me of how this isn't just one step away from a prison or bunker, or how it offers any design elements that imply ' people in fact live here' .. please inform.


I've been searching for great contemporary Row House precedents as well. Not much luck!  I think the row house is a wonderful housing type that activates the street and has the right scale  (anywhere between 2 and 4 stories) and rhythms - it beats long interior corridors in larger complexes! -

>> I currently live in a historic-registered row house. It's a wonderful building, and the added benefit is that I find people often photographing my building. It's because of all the beautiful detail work and craft and TIME that went into it's facade. I literally watch people's eyes scan the building as they walk down the sidewalk.

I can't say the same thing for Ando's wall below. What would have been his pattern for accompanying row homes? Would you like to walk along a row of these?

Feb 1, 12 1:08 am  · 

A row of Azuma's would be pretty bad, but I love the idea of the interior courtyard in this house.  His concept was that you had to go outside to get from one room to the other, and that the constant confrontation with the elements would make one in touch with nature as people once were proir to the modernization of Japan.     

Borneo-Sporenburg in Amsterdam by West 8.


Feb 1, 12 1:38 pm  · 

I would prefer the row of Ando houses to any of the shit townhomes that grace the suburbs of the US.

Feb 2, 12 3:02 am  · 

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