Archived Blogs on Archinect

About to archive my old school blogs.

Has anyone done this yet? Is there is an easy way to still publicly access these once they are archived?

I want to save a copy for my own records, but don't want to go through that process if it is still accessible online. 


Jan 13, 12 2:15 pm

When you archive your blog, it just indicates that the blog is no longer active, and shows the date span that it was active. You can still find it and access it online.

You can even un-archive it later if you want.

Jan 13, 12 2:18 pm  · 

We've had a number of old student bloggers who want to continue blogging but have already graduated. In this case, the best thing to do is archive your old school blog and start a new blog.

Jan 13, 12 2:20 pm  · 

Great, thanks!

Jan 13, 12 3:41 pm  · 

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