Detroit CAD file


Does anyone have a cad file for downtown Detroit. It would be greatly appreciated for my Masters Studio Project? Thanks!

Jan 12, 12 3:31 pm


I'm also working on a project in the Detroit area. I was wondering if you'd been able to attain the city cadmap for your Studio Project. I've been trying to use google earth/ maps thus far and the project is requiring much more detail. It'd be an incredible help if you could pass it a long or point in the direction of how to obtain one. Also if you havent been able to get it, let me know + I'll send it your way if/when I do find it. I have a decent .dwg of just the Central business district if that would be helpful to you.


May 21, 13 2:45 pm

For future reference... I have a layout of Downtown Detroit with some rough 3D information as well. The information extends just outside the freeway ring. I also have a lot of photos taken during the 90's from factories, abandoned buildings downtown, etc.

Aug 31, 14 2:07 am

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