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and the post naming names is gone, good.

Jul 26, 17 3:55 pm
Non Sequitur

The one about a certain firm who'se name sounds like a certain city in Colorado?


right, it was too weird, especially if you looked at her past comments, very easy to identify.

Damn, I always miss the good stuff.


I wonder if the poster asked it to be pulled, or if the Archinect gods made it so on their own.


don't you all think that post was very close to libel?


Yes, and other must have, too.


damnit. what I miss?

I missed it too!

Non Sequitur

It's more like something could have escalated but it was aborted before it got exciting.

that happens sometimes when dating

It isn't defamation if it is true. (pitching ideas for my epitaph)

Jul 27, 17 12:01 pm

I look at things like the Furniture Design Company thread and wonder WTF is wrong with people that they go searching for life advice on the internet. 

It was all I could do not to comment there. 

Jul 27, 17 10:07 pm
Non Sequitur

Miles, important question for you because you see, I'm finished my beer, so what's the next one I should pour myself tonight to keep banging out these IFC docs?


Non Sequitur

Ha! I have a bottle of Patron Anejo in my bar... but this does not feel like a night I want to whip it out like that.

F Mark Zuckerberg and the Orange monkey president

Jul 28, 17 2:09 am

Good Morning and I hope you a bigly huuuge day! like like like

Hey it looks like I am teaming up with OMA again, I don't think they know this yet...


OMG on the OMA, bruh

they are good people

I'm addicted to twitter. It's bad. Every morning before I allow myself to read twitter I get on the treadmill [ I'm only allwoed to twitter first thing if I'm also burning calories. I can't resist the immediate shot of outrage but how the fuck else am I supposed to stay up to date on the orange monkeysac?!?!

I can't follow the Orange Monkey feed directly. It is too upsetting.

I don't follow him either, David. I just follow several left- and right-political pundits to get their views, plus most of my architecture-focused follows are also political.

tintt, I came across this youtube playlist from CSI yesterday. Made me think of your earlier question re: providing information via youtube channel. Probably not exactly what you were asking about, but nevertheless related.

If I had anything valuable to add to the profession via youtube channel it might eventually be something like this (probably not this early in my career though). I'd want to make it less 'powerpoint-y,' 'webinar-y,' and boring though (hence my earlier comment about falling asleep).

Jul 28, 17 2:10 pm

That's great. Something to fall asleep to...


Listening to one now. Planning up front saves money later somethings something. I know this... if only other people actually believed this... 

That's what I'm getting at though. Doing a non-boring version of this.

They have other playlists as well. This one is specific to specifying where the other is specific to contract administration. Still boring, though the titles are a little more creative (eg. "O, the Dreadful Wind and Rain")

compare that one to "Meetings: Part 2" ... where do I sign up!?


WHEW, I've been trying to post for months and I just finally got my password to be properly reset!  Thank goodness.  I'm sure you've all missed my incredibly memorable commentary.  And now I've been gone so long I don't recognize many of you (although I'm so glad to see TC appears to have recovered from its rock-and-hill/Rick-induced doldrums!)  I date from the days before Donna changed her screenname, in the time of the garwondler, if that rings a bell to anyone.  

Anyhow -- hope everyone is happy and well. I'm currently trying desperately to keep my head above water... anyone else swamped?  I worry that we're ramping up another bubble.... not sure if that's just my built-in pessimism protector engendered by living through 2 previous recessions, though.

Jul 31, 17 8:59 am
FYI Josh Mings: I sent you a PM. Thx-
Jul 31, 17 10:59 am

Just got it! Went to my junk folder for some reason. Since I'm out sick today (side note: this was a bad weekend to be stuck inside) expect a response soon-ish.

Jesus, I can't read the Twitter/Facebook feed. Please elect some atheists soon folks.

Jul 31, 17 11:19 am
Thanks Josh! (I don't know how to thread responses on my phone.)
Jul 31, 17 1:12 pm
Also, I hope you feel better! Summer sickness is the worst sickness.
Jul 31, 17 1:12 pm

Hi mantaray. How's the babe?!

I got home from work and my baby (14yo) had just turned on Samantha Bee. So I sat down with him and joined him in eating a bag of chips with salsa and queso - his "afternoon snack" turned into my dinner. I swear the thought of dinner now, two hours later, makes me queazy. So I'm drinking a bourbon while he eats a real dinner. 

It's like at some point the parent can start to be a teenager again, too.  Well, a teenager plus bourbon.

Jul 31, 17 8:09 pm

OMG he's 14 now?!?! ahhhhhh! Mine is nearly 3 and doing wonderfully, thank you :-) Part of me can't WAIT for the day when I can share Samantha Bee with her (not to mention Ramona, Narnia, Enid Blyton, etc etc) and part of me wants her to never ever ever change from how she is exactly TODAY! She is hilarious. She does show a worrisome tendency toward patterns, puzzles, and legos however. Is yours seemingly heading toward a career in art/arch?

A couple of years you'll be having Bourbon together. 

Jul 31, 17 9:31 pm

I'm really looking forward to that! But my husband doesn't drink, and I'd say there's a 50% chance that Angus will take after him.

I've been invited to a neighborhood party. On a Monday night.

Jul 31, 17 9:33 pm

Faux pas. Now that you're married it's "we've been invited".

Faux pas. Now that you're married it's "we've been invited".

so true


Nice story about our pediatrician above.  He's a super interesting guy.  when we first met he saw the baby name "carrigan" and immediately starting telling us about Wrong Way Corrigan, a pre-ww2 pilot.

Aug 1, 17 12:19 pm

I just posted my first forum post under this username and archinect staff is reviewing it since it is my first post. Anyone know if they are actually checking post content (and maybe suggesting a search), or if it is just to prevent spam?

Aug 1, 17 12:53 pm
vado retro

14679 my post total. still the leader.

That's your comment total, your post total is only 106. Ironically, I had already posted on my archinect blog, so the review is only for first posts to the forums.

in two weeks I get the "professional" wedding photos...

Aug 1, 17 7:36 pm

Because Tuesday means 3rd Margarita

Aug 1, 17 7:37 pm

It's August, Non must be on holiday.

Aug 2, 17 2:12 pm
Non Sequitur

checkin in on work emails. Whats going on here?

Some asshole broke the star ornament off my old Mercedes. WTF


the kind you pull off?

Three-pointed star on top of grill. Looks like a gunsight. On a swivel but firmly attached. Or was, snapped it right off.

perhaps he is protesting against capitalism

dc_us now observes "Siesta"

Aug 2, 17 3:16 pm

OMG I found my first edition Ching book. It was in the garage under a bunch of crap.

Aug 2, 17 11:57 pm

it's like a stupid bomb went off

Aug 3, 17 8:45 pm


Aug 3, 17 10:08 pm

Got marshmallows?


it appears to be a regular thing, this Torch Tower!

is it for a celebration?


hahaha. it was betas marshmallow roast in Dubai


where's rick?

Aug 4, 17 12:35 pm

just responded to an ad on craigslist for someone who wants to add a bathroom to their business.  It's the usual craigslist type job, the drafting is supposedly complete, they just need someone to stamp the set for the building dept.  After sending the email I noticed the compensation, $200! 

Had a pretty good laugh at the desk here

Aug 4, 17 12:56 pm

Hell that doesn't even cover liability insurance.


Likely as not, you'll be pulling teeth to get paid even that amount. "Gee, you want me to pay you $200 for 15 seconds of work?"

Get a bunch of friends to flood their inbox with proposals allocating time to site visits, reviewing the current design for code compliance and construct-ability, meeting with code officials, inevitable redesign based on those meetings, full CA scope of work, etc. all based on $200 hourly rate. Maybe then they'll start to get the picture?


Stay off of craigslist. nothing but trouble there.


you're probably right

I've never actually gotten any work this way, the drafter never does more than half the job and no one wants to pay me to finish it.  I also have never asked for less than $1,000. 

Since its all "extra" i'm not really inclined to stay up late or work through the weekend for a super low fee.

Aug 4, 17 2:17 pm

Like I said, Friday.

Aug 4, 17 4:55 pm

that's great! i'll say this for the kid, his aim is fucking dead on.


I like the dude with the beer at :33

Aug 4, 17 5:00 pm

The last clip (9:10-ish) with the power trowel floors me everytime I watch it. The commentary from the guys filming is everything.

I liked the bit at 5:05 with the genius pulling a nail. Brilliant.

I had to stop at 1:08, too painful

Just stamp it! These architects so stingy with their stamps!

The ignorance is kind of incredible, but I suppose that's part of job, to educate them in that there's more involved than a stamp?

I had to explain this to a freshly graduated soul. His mind was blown when I mentioned liability...what do they teach these kids...
Aug 6, 17 11:00 am

not liability. send the lawyers in to scare them straight


gatlin beat bolt.  

Aug 6, 17 5:50 pm

meh, bolt had nothing to loose.

I never I understood why professional practice isn't taught first semester. It always seems to be situated at the tail end as an afterthought. As if money and legality are side notes while one operates under capitalism. But here I am, practicing, with no interest in academia whatsoever.
Aug 6, 17 7:36 pm

I can't figure why this is an either/or issue.


ok i sue you.


Who the fuck is Rick? He sounds important. And has been mentioned across the board.

Also, how do I get banned from this place? I used to terrorize this place like 6 years ago. If not for occasional inquiries for spec work, I would have completely forgotten this place even exists. But then out of the blue I started receiving emails about new comments on Thread Central.

Aug 6, 17 10:53 pm

Should take care of both your questions


did something happen to the Astoria theater thread? that had me checking architect several times a day

Isn't this the same one? About 4 or 5 pages in it becomes all about the theater.


my mistake, best thread ever

Oh that Astoria theater thread. Such great times.


Who gives a shit? As is, I'm now a 'recovering building designer'. In other words, I have pretty much closed down that business and getting out of this business as it's more trouble than it is worth. I'm no longer even responding for inquiries from "prospective clients" or in other words.... "looky-loos". 

Had enough of that stuff and decided.... enough is enough. I'm tapping out.

Best of luck in whatever you decide to do Rick.


Thanks. Who knows what the future beholds. Who knows, I might be able to utilize some of the knowledge and skills learned into whatever. I'll still visit here to see what happens in the architectural profession but building design work as is is more money going out then coming back in and that's not any good.


There is stuff I'm working on in the software front that is going to require my attention at this moment in time and in the immediate future.

Rusty! gave a shit ... that's why Rusty! asked who you are. Anyway, Rusty! meet Rick. Rick meet Rusty! Rick, you might consider filling Rusty! in on how it was that you got banned (really more of a suspension because here you are).


In short, I was an asshole.


Granted, not every asshole gets banned but there is a threshold of how much of an asshole you can get away with before being banned or suspended. There isn't an exact a defined amount. You'll know when you're banned.

I meant because the people that know this from practicing rarely get into academia thus do not change pedagogy to prepare students for practice. And the people in academia have their heads up their a**es/have usually never practiced so they focus solely on the fluffy design-is-above-all-else stuff. They can't explain licensure - either how to achieve it or why it matters etc - because they've never tried or accomplished it. That isn't unilaterally true but majorly it seems to be the case.
Aug 6, 17 10:54 pm

Hahaha, sounds like your PhD proposal was rejected.

I don't surf
Aug 7, 17 12:04 pm

Charlie don't surf...

Santa Cruz has zero fashion sense
Aug 7, 17 2:16 pm

Well that makes two of us.

Except for one guy dressed as a warlock
Aug 7, 17 2:38 pm

just going to put this here...

Aug 8, 17 10:14 am

U.G.L.Y. It ain't got no alibi.

what is it?

The new Orange County Government Building, the earlier Paul Rudolph project is to the right in the 1st picture.


surprised no one noticed that. i actually thought the blue building was the contractors trailer at first

Non Sequitur

Is the blue the final product... not just a shit-tonne of blueskin?

I think the grey is the finished product.

I am now at a point in my career where I am getting passed up for promotions by younger folks while management dangles a series of carrots in front of me to keep me minimally satisfied enough to stay in my seat and keep my head down. Carrots have unsurprisingly failed to materialize and now I am left trying to figure out whether to leave a job I almost totally enjoy or to stay and accept that I'm just never going to be in upper-middle management (am already in middle-middle management. There is no upper-upper management as that position is taken by owners who will never promote to their equal.) le sigh. And to head off the inevitable doubters let me assure you I am fully qualified and have already been praised by said bosses for being a natural leader in the firm. All reviews are glowing and assure me over and over that there is nothing I need to improve on, and that the promotions going on around me are just fake in-name-only promotions and I shouldn't worry about them, I'm doing a great job and they're very happy with me. Then I asked for a 3rd wk of vacation (6 months ahead of schedule) and was told, to my face, that I was being "off-putting" to ask and that there was no way I would get this. I have ~15 yrs exp. btw and would this already at any other decent firm in my city. Ugh. I have apparently failed at the office politics game and I'm not sure what to do about it. Anyway... just thought I'd share, I guess. Any advice from other old-timers?
Aug 8, 17 11:49 am

Leave, you're being exploited. I don't know about others but if I asked for a three week holiday, I would get it.


how about advice from newbies instead? I wouldn't get too upset about the week of vacation if you will have it shortly anyway.  To me the real test would be if these other promotions materialize into something or if they really are only a change in title with no change in responsibility.

This is one of the things I'm afraid of a bit further down the road. Also - if they think it is "off-putting" to ask, then they know they aren't giving you what you deserve. To me that is far worse than ever being "off-putting". You already know some of my other thoughts on the subject, so I won't mention them here.

I agree - leave. The market is too good right now for you to work for people who find your desire to be appreciated "off-putting". Jesus.

Advice from another newbie ... generally, I agree with the others. In this market, if you aren't happy, and the firm isn't trying to make you happy, you're probably better off somewhere else. It's easier to negotiate what you want at the beginning than it is to negotiate it later. 

Related discussion though, are you happy being middle-middle management? Do you need to be upper-middle management to be happy? You say you almost totally enjoy the job so weigh your options and see if the things you don't enjoy will be better somewhere else, or if they are things you can live with. I see a lot of people leave to find another job and then realize it isn't that much better somewhere else. Some have boomeranged their way back and negotiated better compensation/benefits so there is always that if you want to take that chance.


I think you hit it on the head, Everyday Architect... I WAS happy, UNTIL the firm re-organization which came out of the blue and left me feeling very side-lined in an organization in which I previously had held a very central part. In a weird way it feels a little like being dumped: you find out that what you THOUGHT you had, basically was a lie, and from one day to the next you're suddenly unhappy and there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it.


Whoops didn't realize "enter" = submit now. How do you make spaces between paragraphs?!! Anyway -- you're absolutely right in that ultimately I need to decide if I'm ok with just keeping on at my same level, letting others take leadership roles (and the corrollary: I now have to submit to more leadership roles OVER me, which is probably the hardest part for me personally), and having little say in the running of the firm (scratch that: THIS is the hardest part for me). Versus: jumping to something else and potentially giving up the things I do enjoy here (design control, basically zero oversight/micromanagement, total client contact, excellent colleagues who are, to a person, friendly, funny and good workers, and 40-45 hour consistent work-weeks with zero pressure to exceed that. Argh. I think the answer is to start cautiously interviewing and see if the grass appears any greener elsewhere. It's just a bummer that I feel like I need to leave a firm I hadn't intended to... blargh.


Thanks Josh -- "Also - if they think it is "off-putting" to ask, then they know they aren't giving you what you deserve. " 

I didn't even think of that.  Excellent point!  It's a defensive posture, isn't it?  Interestingly, they DID negotiate with another person during their review on salary, and were perfectly fine to do so.  As it turns out, several other folks in the firm have gotten their 3rd week of vacation 1yr in advance (!).  I think you're probably right: for whatever reason, they have no intention of increasing my pay/benefits package in any way whatsoever, and essentially insulted me as a deflective measure.  Great.  Not a wonderful feeling to have.  They repeated the "off-putting" comment twice in the review, btw.  In case I thought I had mis-heard the first time...


They are telling you that you shouldn't worry because they are bullshitting the other folks with bogus "promotions", which brings up the question of how much you can trust them when they tell you they like your work. Nice folks.


Leave.  From what you describe it seems like you may either be seen as a threat to those at the top and are being kept where they feel they have control over you, or the office culture is cut throat and extroverted in nature and you are possibly just not good at that game (neither am I btw).  Just my take.  Find a firm with bosses that you can see yourself hanging out with, or even better start your own firm.  

Aug 8, 17 12:09 pm

Starting one's own firm will need work done in advance. I'll say this, mantaray, you'll want to essentially soft-boot this business in terms of getting clients lined up and secured and prospects lined up for the next 6 months to a year. You'll want at least 6 months of capital that you can live on while you are beginning to collect account receivables. I recommend closer to 9 - 12 months of capital not only for your living but also operational costs which includes money you'll need to spend in the process of procuring clients.... I recommend NO EMPLOYEES until you have additional money/capital to pay for employees. There are other suggestions for how much to capital per employee would be recommended. Just yourself right now. You'll need money to pay the bills and you should expect account receivables to lag. It's one of the non-ideals that is common in this field.

In addition to money, you should expect to be devoting 12+ hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week during start-up phase. After all, clients generally expect you to commit to their project full-time or at least half-time / about 15 to 20 hours a week and regular progress report/meetings and such.

Another suggestion, during any given week, you should not be working on more than two projects at a time. You'll also need to put aside time for A) business administration stuff and B) time spent procuring clients.

Otherwise, your risk in failing in business increases dramatically.


In short, don't jump out of the current employment to start a business until you're ready as much as you can be. Leaving for another job is the better option until you got your bases covered and ready for starting a business. Options like starting a partnership is valid but capitalization increases proportionally with every partner in most circumstances.... especially if they are leaving their job(s) as well.

I don't recommend staying at the current employment for too long. Just try to avoid being out of work and be able to fairly quickly change from one employment to another with minimal interruption.

Rick - why are you giving advice about starting a business? You've never worked as an architect. I'm going to stop beating that dead horse at this point and just say this - at some point your advice is going to hurt someone, and they are going to come after you for not being qualified to give out said advice.


Josh Mings, running a business as an architect only differs from a building design business or any other consultant service based business in very minor ways as far as business model and general way such businesses work. It's never good to start business without any money. Frankly, what I am saying is conversation and is protected by freedom of speech. Mantaray has been around here long enough to know who I am. There is some universals about businesses at all. 

In many ways, as far as my suggestion goes, applies even to custom software development consult services. Business model is basically the same. The only significant difference is the service deliverable. 

Aside from that, it's basically the same business model. As a contracted business providing a service to a client, you depend on money from clients. It is expected to know that clients in the field of architecture (so publicly documented by architects in this profession on a weekly basis) that some clients may lag on payments. 

In other words, if the client doesn't pay on time, you can't undo that when it already happens since you can't roll back time itself so you have to be prepared for shitty clients that don't pay. This may not happen so much in the custom software development consultant services field as much as it does in architecture because custom software development consultant services are usually B2B services and those type of services aren't usually offered to or engaged with small businesses and private individuals (personal services) due to the simple fact that you don't work for clients that makes less money than you or others in your field typically makes. Since architects as a profession is largely despised as a profession, you can find clients stiffing you especially if you are a newbie business. 

If you're a start-up, people may just screw you over because they feel they can just get away with it and you aren't going to do anything about it. Real life situations. Most people don't even value architects and they see them as an annoying 'evil' they have to put up with just to get a permit. If that is their view point, then its clear they just want to get the permit and don't really care or value what you bring. Too many people in the U.S. just don't understand what you bring to them. If you can't clearly articulate the value you bring to them in quantitative terms as well as qualitative terms, the client is going to have a hard time. Many clients don't come from the artistic/creative fields. They usually come from fields where they see value almost exclusively in quantitative terms like financial value. 

If you can't convey the financial value you bring, they are going to have a tough time valuing you or see that you are a good investment. In turn, often they just try to not pay you. There are a lot of people like Donald Trump that don't pay or don't pay in full or pay late. What measure do you have in place when your account receivables are lagging behind and you can't put off your account payables? 

That't what I am getting at with starting a business.... especially in this field and the situations I am talking about is clearly seen among architects as they have with building designers as well as other undervalued service oriented / consultant-based occupations.



Put it short, you don't want to jump ship unless you have another ship/boat that you can readily get to. 

In other words, to get metaphoric expression, you want to have a job or have things lined up to effectively start a business. There isn't that much difference that matters between 'building design' business, architecture business, custom software development-consultant business or any other such business as far as my point was about. I assume mantaray has real world expenses that he/she has to pay on a regular basis whether or not he has a job or have paying clients with regards to starting a business. I suggest having enough capital in the bank for 6 to 12 months of expenses before starting a business. As for a new job, that's easier but should have the job lined up and basically secured before he spends his last day at the current employer.


Thanks j-lax, you make interesting points. As it happens I am an extrovert and in all other situations in my life have been super good at politicking. (To the extent that I have considered potentially running for office at some point in the future.) However I think there maybe some truth to your comments, which is thought-provoking.... I have in fact done my own projects in the past, have a small side-line at present (primarily handled by a friend with more free time), and would love to go out on my own in the future. Perhaps this is a nudge I need...


josh mings - i've been away from this place for months now and i come back and see rickb-BSMNT talking about his business and how he's a recovering building designer...same old same old out of that clown. the more things change the more balkins stays the same.


Josh Ming was decent and kind. You are a jerkoff, no_form.

How many times do I have to tell you there is an S in my last name?


"RickB-Astoria: In short, I was an asshole." straight from the horse's mouth. do you ever have anything interesting to say or is it the same thing decade after decade?


Sorry Josh Mings, but sometimes it reminds me of Ming the Merciless ( as in the 1980s Flash Gordon played by Max von Sydow).


Lets see, architecture and building design sucks ass decade after decade with the same cyclical shit.


"do you ever have anything interesting to say or is it the same thing decade after decade?" As far as whether it is interesting depends on who.... which in your case would probably not interesting as my interests and your interest do not align from my experience with you.

3 studio cats = 2 too many

Aug 8, 17 12:41 pm

The studio cat was named Graphite.

3 studio cats = 3 too many. Studio dogs are where it's at (with two turn tables and a microphone)

dogs are for roaming in packs and killing

Killing cats. I had one that killed three of the little fuckers.

we have a bobcat in the hood that has taken 10 of them this month

Well this certainly took a turn that I did not expect.


bobcat taking out other cats?


The only thing to do with cats is kill them. Because they're plotting to kill you. It's kill or be killed.

what is life without risk?


studio = breakfast den? I know a cat wouldn't be away from his food and crapper.

there is adjacency to the various carcasses


"dogs are for roaming in packs and killing"

that's why you need them in your office.  client doesn't like the light fixture you selected for them?  release the hounds

the dogs are the clients


tried to explore the parkard plant in Detroit once, pack of dogs scared the crap out of me, never went back

"bobcat"/ pack of coyotes

Aug 8, 17 6:14 pm

One line from A Prayer For Owen Meany that always stuck with me is when Owen writes a letter home from Phoenix and says "Do you know what coyotes' favorite snack is? Housecats!" 

I never lost my cat to a coyote, but I lost three pet bunnies, all from an outdoor hutch.

Aug 8, 17 10:29 pm

Great book!

Here in the great Pacific Northwest, I occasionally hear about cats and small dogs being snatched up by bald eagles. Something to keep in mind before I let Louie out onto the balcony.

Aug 8, 17 11:32 pm

How are those fires going? Smoke got all the way down here to the high rockies

recalls Trump being menaced by bald eagle video


we got a nest of bald eagles just down the street. impressive as hell.

Still smoky as hell here. We've inhaled so much of British Columbia that we should be eligible for Canadian healthcare coverage. It's supposed to clear out by Friday or so.


Glad to know there is an environmentally friendly way to solve the problem of cats.

wurdan freo

glen campell's music was familiar in a distant dreamlike way for me. Not a huge fan, but when I learned about his battle with alzheimer's and his insistence to continue touring all the while forgetting lyrics and chords, I found it truly inspiring. Amazing guitar player...

Aug 9, 17 5:42 pm

Not Gonna Miss You, gets me everytime

I had Wichita Lineman in my head the day he died

I think if you say "Wichita Lineman" three times here vado retro will show up...

is that something one should encourage?

dc_us + sink...(because 4 states are better than 3)

vado retro

Wichita Lineman IS the best song ever written.

vado someone online recently suggested to Ike Reilly that he should cover The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald which is a terrible, sappy, maudlin, and lethargically murderous song but if Ike covered it I would prolly love.

vado retro

Well Paul Weller covered Early Mornin' Rain.


you think this civil/criminal lawsuit will involve the very much licensed architect of the parking garage?

wow, just wow....

Aug 11, 17 12:13 pm

was the driver a robot or a human?


watch the video lz-boy


"Last September, a sport utility vehicle plunged from the ninth floor of the same parking garage." ...sounds like a potential design flaw.


Not sure if it's a design flaw. I have to see more of the structure where the person drove through. These are usually reinforced concrete and/or steel barriers and will do the job unless the person is speeding way beyond the speed they should be in a parking garage. The person had to speed speeding. I would question the driver a bit more because this shouldn't had happen if the vehicle is going 20 mph or less. Parking lots and parking garages, the speed is usually 15mph or less. This person would have to hit well over twice the 15 mph to make it through the barriers if the proper barriers were used.


As I read it, it appears to have a reoccuring issue. Where's the barriers? I should have seen more of that coming down in the video.

I'm afraid to click on links.


no antivirus or antimalware tool on your computer?


Rick, the article mentions cable barriers, I've seen them attached to the side walls, no need for speed if you press a 2000 lbs car against.


cable barriers are not qualified barriers for automobiles. It might work for a person but not a car. In my opinion, cable barriers (unless they are 8" diameter cable and there is 8 rows of said cable in sufficient tension.) This is a design issue or the owner had the proper original barriers removed with something not even close to doing the job. They should have installed something like these:  


Basically, cable barriers are ok for preventing a person from falling but not a car.


If it were me, I would have used both the car crash barrier and cable barrier. The cable barrier would be for fall protection of humans. The crash barrier would be for preventing providing significant protection so a car doesn't just back up against the edge. At this point, I would remove ALL parking along the perimeter of the building and install the barrier. I don't think the building has sufficient room to add such a barrier in without losing parking spaces but it maybe doable. The other option is to infill 8" reinforced CMU with vertical rebar every cell and horizontal rebars between each row of CMU. Maybe, there maybe some room for adequate barrier to be installed but these cable type are not adequate for vehicles. It's like there was a big oversight where the concern was for persons falling off and not vehicles falling off (which would include a person or multiple persons). Someone wasn't thinking.

there is but those hackers have a lot of time on their hands...

Edited b/c I'm mad. And need to just breathe deep.   Grrrrrrr.

Aug 13, 17 12:43 pm


I want to scream at a precaster right now.


Aug 14, 17 4:04 pm

Googles: precaster, wait that is not an insult...

"You have to cast the words *backwards* so that when you take it out of the form the words read *FORWARDS*!!!! Argh!!!"

I actually kind of wish it was that, since that would be a simple reject and redo the work.

people like Russia, they have good vodka and sex workers

Aug 14, 17 7:20 pm

no wonder Trump loves Russia

that and those "loans"

Le Courvoisier

How do you do fellow kids? I'm pounding my head on a ceiling and can't break through.

Aug 16, 17 4:22 pm
Non Sequitur

what's a fellow kid?

No clue.

Le Courvoisier
I am the G.O.A.T. But seriously, kind of realized today that I'm a bit stuck where I'm at, like a mountain goat stuck on a rock ledge.
Aug 16, 17 7:57 pm

are you giving up rap then?

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