laser/cnc milling in india?


Hey.. for all you subcontinental architects.. does anyone know where one could get laser cutting and/or cnc milling (on the scale of architectural models) in india? preferably somewhere south..

I heard there was this one place in bangalore, but they dont work for you unless you know em well.

Jan 20, 06 3:35 am

wow, can you afford it on a student budget? i hope its one hell of a project you've got there...

we recently got some STL work done in the office, so i can point you to the guy who did it for us. he doesn't do any CNC milling himself (just rapid prototyping), but he was telling me that a couple of his associates do. so maybe he'll be able to forward you to someone. his website is:

mail me and i can give you his phone number (if its not on his website already)

also, our modelmaker does a lot of lasercutting work on the models we get done by him. he gets it done somewhere cheap locally. unfortunately for you, "locally" means bombay. but if you like, i can give you his number as well. email me, and give me a couple of days to dig it out...

Jan 20, 06 10:58 pm  · 

Thanks, tickertocker.. what's your email id? This is for this competition that a few of us were planning to participate in.. maybe with some help from our school, we'd be able to afford a milled model..

Jan 21, 06 1:15 am  · 

check the archinect member profile for my email id.

i don't think the lasercutting will be all that expensive, to be honest. so maybe that's the best way to go for you guys. on the other hand, our modelmaker charged us 40 grand for the model...

milling costs here are linked to 2 things: machine time and number of axes.

I'm assuming you're looking at these technologies because your model is just too bloody complicated to be built by hand. however, if you're hard-pressed for cash, take a look at pepakura and lamina. they're pretty good at surface developments, and might be the way to go for a lot of your test models if not the final one.

Jan 21, 06 1:44 am  · 

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