GETTY VILLA a snapshot visit


silvetti and machado do more stairs and s'more imagining to previously not so steep and re-imagined getty villa. here is my photo survey from the malibu's proud lunch spot..

Jan 19, 06 8:12 pm

it officially opens on 28 jan.

Jan 19, 06 8:36 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

Thanks for that! Not enough of this kind of posting recently.

Jan 19, 06 9:24 pm
Jan 20, 06 9:26 am
el jeffe

didn't SPF:a recently complete some work there?

Jan 20, 06 10:59 am
el jeffe

didn't SPF:a recently complete some work there?

Jan 20, 06 11:01 am
el jeffe

didn't SPF:a recently complete some work there?

Jan 20, 06 11:32 am
el jeffe


Jan 20, 06 12:02 pm

your right jeffe. they are listed architects of record on the drawings. but as on of the sketches hints 'jorge' approves/or not, every design decision.
their web site has more pics of the construction. so that makes me believe that they were the eyes and ears of the project which is all about great detail executions.

Jan 20, 06 1:13 pm

i really don't know. if my friend with special invitation didn't invite me to come along, i would know even less.

Jan 20, 06 1:16 pm

all the monumental stairs and detailing leads to restaurant.

Jan 20, 06 1:17 pm
el jeffe

hmmm....all of the spf:a info doesn't mention machado-silvetta and lists mr. pali as the "design principal".

i wasn't aware that they were executive for machado-silvetti.

is there a vomitorium now?

Jan 20, 06 1:23 pm

it is really over built with many,many,many stairs and superexpensive details. as usual money is no object with getty.
last time i was there 20 years ago, on acid, i had a great experience of light and laughter.
and now, we don't even know who fucked the airplane...
M&S or SPF?
they give you a free pass for 'vomitorium' down the street called 'gladstones 4 fish'..

Jan 20, 06 1:49 pm
el jeffe

no shit - foil ducks.

Jan 20, 06 1:56 pm

i must say, the landscape architecture and old villa (as a remake) are superb rendations of good times..
with all the artifacts of questionable acquasitions and everything..

Jan 20, 06 1:58 pm


[highschool flashback]

Jan 20, 06 2:54 pm


Jan 20, 06 2:57 pm
job job

many thanks for all the images

Jan 20, 06 2:58 pm

I haven't been to the Villa is 20 years either. I only remember one small bit of conversation there--it had to do with the German word for flax, which was growing in the 'ancient' garden.

My favorite memory from Gladstones 4 Fish is from right around now 19 years ago. I just flew in to LAX from Australia and since I had a five hour layover, a LA friend picked me up and took me to Gladstones for margaritas, etc. The [/i]America's Cup[/i] race was going on and on the TV over the bar there was a commercial for the televising of that day's race. I turned to the guy next to me at the bar and told him...

"New Zealand won that race."

"But the race isn't even on yet!"

"I just flew in from Australia and it's already tomorrow there."

(Actually, a few hours earlier the pilot told us passengers the news while we were flying over the Pacific.)

Jan 20, 06 2:59 pm
langdon wilson associates

another riser on stairs. they are involved, in fact their name appears under M&S on the title block with same size lettering. i wonder if there is any faulplay in all this and if drugs and weapons were used. i wish i'd never been there and knew nothing of this mess..there has been a lot of 'chatter' on my answering service. some threatening and some asking for more information from...ME.. about what happened.
guys, if you want to stay clear of this racket, don't post here no more..

Jan 20, 06 5:53 pm

Jan 20, 06 5:58 pm
el jeffe

i was just looking for a GOOD DESIGN FIRM IN LOS ANGELES...
is that a fingerprint on that drawing?

Jan 20, 06 6:00 pm
vado retro

Jorge Approved... I love that...

Jan 20, 06 7:11 pm

Machado Silvetti are the Design Architects (1994-2006)
Langdon Wilson were the Executive Architects (1997-2001) during the DD and most of CD phase.
SPF:architects are the Executive Architects (2001-2006)and finished the CDs and did CA.

Jan 23, 06 5:08 pm

i just went today...l.a. people check it out definitely!...a little overcast today but the displays were worth the 7 dollar parking (who gives a shit anyways)...i went to check out just the architecture but got pulled in by the collection...don't miss the perfume containers...and the glass artifacts...

i got a nice purple shirt with white outlines of the ceramic jars...yeah!

Feb 5, 06 6:58 am
A Center for Ants?

went last week. had to say, the machado/silvetti stuff is AMAZINGLY detailed. the filleting of the bronze on the window mullions... the fact that the bronze is contiguous and bent around the interior lintels... all the little things are so nice. tolerances and construction were very very good. can't even begin to imagine the cost.

Apr 7, 06 6:07 pm

~$285 million for ~210,000 SF (including existing renovation)

Apr 7, 06 9:11 pm

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