Beautiful Music


What is the most beautiful/audibly stimulating song you've ever heard? lyrically, instrumentally, rhythmically, etc...establish your own criteria

Zero 7-'Destiny'
or 'In the Waiting Line'

Jan 17, 06 3:22 pm

Sigur Ros ( )

Also just about everything by the band Dirty Three really hits the sweet spot.

Jan 17, 06 3:26 pm

couldn't pick one. there's too many things i like, i guess it would depend on the time, where i am, my mood etc. different tunes suit different situations.

Jan 17, 06 3:34 pm

Explosions in the Sky - The Only Moment We Were Alone

Jan 17, 06 3:45 pm
liberty bell

Too many to name but two would be Pachelbel's Canon in D and Led Zeppelin's Tangerine.

Jan 17, 06 3:49 pm

music of the night - phantom of the opera (andrew lloyd weber)
sound of music theme
ceremony-new order/joy division

Jan 17, 06 4:00 pm

The entire Midnight Marauders-Tribe Called Quest
Specially "Award Tour", "Sucka n!&&@", and "God Lives Through"

Philip Glass-Koyaanasqatsi soundtrack

Wu-tang-Enter the 36 chambers
Specially "Shame on a n!&&@", "CREAM", and "TEARZ"

-"Chamanica" and "Fantasia" out of Gozo Poderoso

Cafe Tacuba
"El Aparato" "Ojala que llueva cafe" "Las Flores"

And many others I can't think of right now.....

Jan 17, 06 4:01 pm

and right now I am listening to Allen Ginsberg's
Wichita Vortex Sutra
"I'm an Old Man Now, And a Lonesome Man in Kansas"
one of the best songs(?) I have ever heard.

Jan 17, 06 4:03 pm

Good call nathanc. Explosions In The Sky are just great.

Have you seen the movie Friday Night Lights? They did the soundtrack, and it seriously turned it into an unforgetable movie. I've seen them once and they were great.

Jan 17, 06 4:05 pm
el jeffe

Erik Satie's 'Gymnopédies'.

Jan 17, 06 4:06 pm

Yeah, what a coincidence that it was set in their hometown as well. I've seen them 7 or 8 times and they just get better and better.

Jan 17, 06 4:12 pm

"new slang" by the shins is a great song
and "the airport song" by guster is also good.

"who's your daddy?,
i'm your daddy now"

Jan 17, 06 4:16 pm

The new Mice Parade is really good, as well as the previous album.

Jan 17, 06 5:45 pm

M83 - "Unrecorded"

Jan 17, 06 6:11 pm

I heard M83 in Chicago this year, but only caught the last 5 mins of (his? their? couldn't see the stage well... one guy or two?) set... what I heard was intriguing. I'll check that song out.

In the genre of electronica I'd have to say Ulrich Schnauss' "Blumenthal" has been a fave for awhile... Royksopp was long-time holder of this post previous to that, with sporadic interruptions by LemonJelly...

In the classical genre, there is just too much to choose. Beethoven's 5th in person is incredible, recorded not as much. Bolero, Pictures at an Exhibition, much of Chopin, Beethoven's Sonata for Piano and Cello in...Aminor? Opus 69 I believe? is amazing to me... Berceuse, blanking on composer... too much.

The band that most consistently exports me to another world is Madredeus.

Jan 17, 06 6:17 pm
Rim Joist

"Time to Change" by the Brady Six.

Jan 17, 06 10:16 pm

Opeth - "Credence"

Jan 17, 06 10:35 pm
vado retro

what about this one liberty???

Jan 17, 06 10:37 pm

yeah, royskopp is very bubble gum :-)
As The Rush Comes - Gabriel & Dresden/chill

i've heard a slight remix of a prince song that really brought it up.
and a slight remix of Luniz got Five on it that also pulled the sweet way up.

i agree with whoever said "there're too many"

and Zep's Tangerine was a unique one.
Other instruments: banjo ("Gallows Pole"), mandolin ("The Battle of Evermore"), pedal steel guitar ("Tangerine")
evermore's another good one.
and that page mentions Bolero

trying to name some supposed "unlikelies":
the middle quiet keys part of Inagaddavida
Thomas Bangalter - So Much Love To Give (volume pulse and the key chords)

i like the songs that combine ideals:
beauty with speed (Roxy Music - Prairie Rose
Roxy Music - Out of the Blue)

or high with low (the best trance does, imo)

and some of the early 90's hiphop mixed beauty or warmth with tough funk.

speed with wamrth (soul?) (Buzzcocks' 1st phase - What do I Get, Ever Fallen In Love With Someone (You Shouldn't've Fallen In Love With)

Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - Tracks of My Tears
Police & Thieves - Junior Murvin
Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home

good church organ (those that truly fill a room) (i don't know any tracknames)

Arthur Lee/Love - Alone Again Or

way overplayed, but maybe that's the test
Olive - You're not alone

David Bowie - Moonage Daydream ( Ronson )

Jan 18, 06 4:35 am

Echoes - Pink Floyd

Jan 18, 06 5:29 am
job job

i watched a friend's copy of no direction home, and got into bob dylan all over again.

best organ-as-sonic-weapon tracks:
like a rolling stone - dylan
ray charles in the blues brothers movie
whiter shade of pale - procul harem
you're time is gonna come - zeppelin
try - blue rodeo (seriously - try it)
spill the wine dig that pearl - war (eric burden)

Jan 18, 06 6:15 am
liberty bell

e909, you've been so helpful lately! Yes Evermore is another one, as is Going to California.

I'll just throw in another simple little acoustic one that always takes me momentarily out of body: Neil Young's Til the Morning Comes.

Jan 18, 06 9:04 am

not a song, but an album that i always have to listen to straight through - not only beautiful, but has an amazing ability to manipulate my moods as the music goes through its changes:

peter gabriel - 'passion'

peter gabriel's 'birdy' was great too, but 'passion' surpassed it. 'long walk home' is good, but never had quite the same impact for me.

Jan 18, 06 9:15 am

instrumentally, rhythmically ? would have to say DCI

Jan 18, 06 9:22 am

It is a wonder that artists or the songs them self from the Garden State sound track have made such an appearance on this discussion. I would have to agree with those choices, the entire album from beginning to end is a good listen.

But i would also add to the list:
Phillip Glass (already mentioned)
Steve Reich (anything off "Different Trains")
Aphex Twin (intelligent electronic music)
Any Group from the Ninja Tunes Label (trip-hop downtempo)
Kuder & Dorfmeister
Mindless Self Indulgence (hard stuff)
Sam Prekop
Sufjan Stevens
Ben Folds (for a good story)

I have varied music tastes but this is a scratch in the 80 GB of Music I have but do not own (wink wink)

Jan 18, 06 9:52 am
Rim Joist

Kinda Blue.........Miles Davis

Jan 18, 06 9:59 am

If You're Feeling Sinister (the whole album really) by Belle & Sebestian
"Walk Away Renee (a version)" and "A New England" by Billy Bragg
"If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out" by Cat Stevens
James Taylor (album) by James Taylor
"More Like the Moon" by Wilco
"I Summon You" by Spoon

those are a few that I really like right now, but I'm pretty indecisive

Jan 18, 06 10:26 am
Rim Joist

Wings................Tim Buckley

Jan 18, 06 11:43 am
job job

november rain.... really? not sweet child of mine or welcome to the jungle?

do you also like home sweet home by the crue?

just teasing- this is from someone who can listen to bron-y-aur and travelling riverside blues on indefinite repeat. actually I'm gonna do that right now

Jan 19, 06 7:18 am

explosions in the sky - six days at the bottom of the ocean

Jan 19, 06 8:28 am

arcade fire - wake up

(and good call, e909 bowie - moonage daydream)

Feb 3, 06 1:34 pm



Cliff Martinez

Brian Eno

Electric Birds



Tetsu Inoue

Stars As Eyes





Susumu Yokota

Feb 3, 06 1:55 pm

I mean anythign in the IDM - Ambient catagory on Boomkat

Feb 3, 06 1:57 pm

David Darling---Cello

Feb 3, 06 3:14 pm

Kronos Quartet - Summer Overture; Gamarna; Baraka soundtrack; Gyuto Monks; Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up/I'll Fall with Your Knife

Feb 3, 06 3:34 pm

i dunno, so many songs to choose from...

--i agree, liberty bell, "tangerine" is one nice song
--the beach boys: "the warmth of the sun"
--wilco: "she's a jar"; "via chicago"; "in a future age" (summerteeth has quite a few of those kind of songs)

and, there was this band or side project or whatever called the chamber strings when i was in chicago. they did an album called "month of sundays." that entire CD. it's really purty.

Feb 3, 06 4:05 pm

radiohead - let down

Sep 27, 10 11:15 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

Porcupine Tree:

Collapse the Light into Earth

Sep 28, 10 2:10 am


Sep 28, 10 5:41 pm

J.S.Bach's Chaconne (Partita for Violin #2)

It might just change your life - (listen to it loud)

Sep 28, 10 5:56 pm

Last things Last - Rachels
Solveigs Song [without voice] - Edvard Grieg
Pyramid Song - Radiohead
L'autunno, Adagio Molto - Vivaldi
Dark Waters - Ingram Marshall

And also the work of Akira Rabelais, who also has a very nice website:

Sep 28, 10 6:49 pm
Die Scheiße

Anything by Chicane on Far From the Maddening Crowds or Behind the Sun. 'Sunstroke' (original mix), on FFtMC, is pure bliss.

BT's This Binary Universe album is also damn fine listening.

Sep 29, 10 11:45 am
Distant Unicorn
Emerson String Quartet: Shostakovich, String Qtet no. 3, III

Not sure if beautiful.

Sep 29, 10 12:26 pm

I second BT's This Binary Universe.

All time favorites:

Apocalyptica - Faraway
Chemlab - Pyromance
Skinny Puppy - Process

Sep 29, 10 6:37 pm
olaf design ninja

just downloaded this one today

Sleepy Shadows - from album Oxycanta: Wnter Blooms - by Malik Trey

Sep 29, 10 10:38 pm
olaf design ninja

Carbon Based Lifeforms and Solar Fields

Sep 29, 10 10:39 pm
go do it

BLUE RODEO - Five Days In May

Oct 1, 10 4:24 pm

Mars - Gustav Holst

Oct 1, 10 4:36 pm

the whole piece is beautiful, but I'll leave you with the more famous movement:

Ravel, String Quartet in F

II: Assez vif, Très rythmé

Oct 2, 10 11:59 am

ulrich schnauss, alva noto & ryuchi sakamoto, the field (their first album), lusine, whignomy brothers, pantha du prince, brian eno, grizzly bear

Oct 2, 10 3:15 pm

stars of the lid

Oct 3, 10 1:19 am

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