safe GPA for ivy league?


no chance for admission to ivy league with a 3.40-3.50 GPA despite a deep personal statement, perfect portfolio, good recommendations and involving social responsibility projects for longtime ?

that's a stupid question, i know.

Dec 12, 11 9:27 pm

Dec 12, 11 10:23 pm

a "perfect portfolio" must be really amazing, accompanied by a "deep personal statement" you should be able to skip school altogether



Dec 12, 11 10:45 pm

isn't average gpa of accepted applicants at gsd something like 3.2ish? I know I was surprised with how low it was when I first found out. 

Dec 12, 11 10:59 pm

yes you can get into ivy schools with that as long as your other material is they look at grades you get in specific courses. I got in with about a 3.5 just make your other stuff stand out more.


Dec 12, 11 11:06 pm

no one cares about gpa. either you have the knack or you dont.

Dec 14, 11 1:53 am

I got in to the gsd with a 3.4 from a state school.... And an even worse GRE I think it's totally doable...

Mar 8, 12 2:49 pm

i got into yale with a 3.43 from a state school.

Mar 8, 12 2:59 pm

hi, i'm a current B.Arch undergraduate who is interested in pursuing a post-professional degree.
however, i do have a very poor GRE 136/141/3.0 and overall GPA 2.99. one of my major's GPA is a 3.41. although my grades and GRE scores are poor, I received letter of recommendations from a very famous architect, two directors, and principals...(i've had a close educational and professional relationship with all of them). i've also won more than 15 scholarships/awards and have done internships since I was a senior in high school.
i'm also a minority...

.. are my chances farfetched?

Dec 8, 12 11:59 pm

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