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Does anyone know the exact project name for Kas Oosterhuis' Water's Edge. its a proposed project, not built, i need the actual project name or a link to the work itself, so far, i've only heard that i should investigate it......

Nov 9, 05 9:28 am

you probably already know about his office's website but it's

the site seems to have pretty extensive project listing although I didn't try to find yours directly. additionally, the office has strong ties with TU Delft and because of this academic bent, they'll probably help you out if you contact them. if Kas is known for one thing, it's self promotion, so I'm sure they'd help you if you contact them through the site.

you might also check the site for the bouwkunde (arch. school) of TU Delft and look for info about Kas as he 'teaches' there from time to time. don't bother with administrative channels at the TU as their administration is one of the most clueless I've ever run across.

I'll try to contact some friends in Rotterdam and see if anyone knows anyone at oosterhuis' office.

Nov 9, 05 10:01 am  · 

Thanks a lot. i'll start another search. i've gone throught the website, but the more info i have, the better.

Nov 9, 05 10:28 am  · 

You might want to check this book:
Kas Oosterhuis
Programmable Architecture
published by: l'arcaedizioni

Do you mean this project ?:
Museum aan de Stroom, Antwerp

Nov 9, 05 10:56 am  · 

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