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A Japanese student of mine, back from his recent trip to Europe, has just asked me 'do you know the designer of those cool noise barriers on the motorway in Holland?'. Having never been to Holland, I don't know the ones he means.

I realise this is super-vague and that is why I am having trouble finding anything on the web. Is it a famous barrier design? Mecanoo? MVRDV? Does it ring any bells to anyone here?

Sep 27, 05 12:59 am

its maybe between Amsterdam and Utrecht if this helps....?

Sep 27, 05 1:48 am

In Utrecht there are some clear-ish plexi lookin' barriers on the highway near the Reitveld/Schroeder house, but I'm not sure that they are the responsibility of an architect...they're certainly better than their US counterparts, but not especially magnificent.

Sep 27, 05 3:32 am

you wouldn't, by some strange chance, happen to have a photo or link to somewhere where I can see these unremarkable barriers?

Sep 27, 05 4:39 am

It's the (not yet finished) barrier+showroom along the A2 by Kas Oosterhuis:

Sep 27, 05 12:03 pm

ooooh, it def wasn't those that I was talkin' about, those are pretty sweet.

joek, ya, but I would have to find them...anywho, the ones pictured here are probably what your student was talking about...very cool

Sep 27, 05 12:43 pm

thanks for all the help guys, he's almost sure thats the one he saw, althogh it apparently looks slightly different from the wondow of a speeding bus. Anyway, he's happy sothanks very much, looks like nothing's beyond this site, after all it was a very sketchy request.

Thanks again.

Sep 28, 05 12:05 am

Actually there's another noise barrier just next to it, "The Wall" by Fons Verheijen. Maybe that's the one he saw?

The Wall

Sep 28, 05 12:59 pm

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