LA awareness ?


5 Questions. Answers to follow shortly.

1) Identify these four LA buildings then match them with the movies they appeared in

A Stahl House
B Bradbury Building
C Grauman's Chinese Theatre
D Lovell House

i LA Confidential
ii Singin' in the Rain
iii Bladerunner
iv Nurse Betty

2) What do you need to do if you want to admire the gothic detailing at the United Artists Theatre?

A Attend a service of the church that now occupies the building
B Travel to Las Vegas where it was moved to in 1998
C Remove the art deco facades that were placed over it in the thirties
D Buy a ticket to see a film there

3) What does the flashing spire on the Capitol Records building signify?

A A record player spindle
B Each flash represents a record sold by the company
C It spells out “Hollywood” in morse code
D It prevents aircraft hitting it

4) In 1963 what prompted Century Fox to transform its backlot into the Century City development

A The studio had been bought out by property developers
B It believed the film industry would be dead within the decade
C It faced bankruptcy after going overbudget on Cleopatra
D It had lost money converting to 3D film production

5) What was the name of the 2003 documentary on how LA buildings have been depicted in the movies?

A City of Wide Angles
B Life through a Lens
C Debbie does Downtown
D Los Angeles Plays Itself

Sep 26, 05 1:54 pm

no winners yet!

Sep 26, 05 1:55 pm
Alan Loomis

Question 1)

The Lovell House by Neutra (not Schindler's as pictured) was in LA Confidential
The Bradbury Building was in Bladerunner
and to guess, Case Study House was in Nurse Betty, and the Chinese Theater was in Singin' in the Rain

Question 2)

no idea

Question 3)

its a record spindle/needle

Question 4)

not sure, I'll guess A or C

Question 5)

Los Angeles Plays Itself

Sep 26, 05 2:11 pm

Alan - 2 correct and a possible

Sep 26, 05 2:17 pm

Ok. So Q1 is done by Alan, and you may see that 4 is either A or C.

one of these in my fridge, chillin for 5 correct answers.

Sep 26, 05 2:35 pm
A Center for Ants?

1) Lovell - LA Conf., Bradbury - Blade Runner, Chinese Theater -Singing, Nurse Betty - Stahl, (and countless commercials)

2) A - it's a church now

3) C- record needle, the stacks are supposed to be like records in a jukebox

4) C - cleopatra did horribly at the box office

5) Los Angeles Plays Itself

Sep 26, 05 2:47 pm

4 correct

Sep 26, 05 3:13 pm
A Center for Ants?

i bet it's the capitol records one cause i'm almost 100% sure on the others.. i'd change to morse code i guess. C...

Sep 26, 05 3:44 pm
A Center for Ants?

oh and BOTS - the lovell house shown isn't the one in LA confidential. the one shown is Schindler's Lovell Beach House in Newport Beach. You're looking for the Lovell Health House in Los Angeles...

Pierce Padget is found dead in a chair in the room at the bottom of these stairs

Sep 26, 05 3:51 pm
R.A. Rudolph


Sep 26, 05 4:38 pm
R.A. Rudolph

wasn't the lovell house in mommy dearest too?

Sep 26, 05 4:39 pm

A Center for Ants- 5 correct. Morse code it is.

Pop around and we'll crack open the SA ;-)

Sep 27, 05 4:00 am

#3. yes the neddle light 'used to' spell hollywood on morse code. but friend of mine who did some electrical work changed it to 'fuck you'.
nobody knows..

Sep 27, 05 12:25 pm
A Center for Ants?

hooray beer!

Sep 27, 05 1:29 pm

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