website design don'ts


Yep, that breaks just about all the rules of good web design, not to mention it also breaks all the rules of good taste, digital or otherwise.

Sep 2, 05 10:30 am

does it have music? i don't have speakers here at work. websites with any sound that plays without asking me first, even if it's the website of my favorite band, are a definite don't. always annoying and often embarrassing.

Sep 2, 05 10:35 am

i dink i zee webzite but i don't zee any dezign.

Sep 2, 05 10:51 am

but then not all website has to be "design"

Sep 2, 05 10:52 am

genius...i was able to clearly able to navigate the site in an almost quija board manner...clicking on any link brought me to all the places i didn't intend on being...and the aesthetics...i mean...the aesthetics are unmatched...just too darn beautiful to be a website...web browsing fit for the gods...and the gods' gods....

Sep 2, 05 11:00 pm

these guys did it rite..

Sep 3, 05 12:08 am

wow, the venturi rauch scott-brown site is so brilliantly uncool and tacky, yet unrefined.

Sep 3, 05 3:13 pm
liberty bell

I love the VSBA website, have loved it for years. It's so totally VSBA, not the sparse grey-and-cream orthagonal coolness that is the equivalent of the iconic sophisticat-architect-dressed-all-in-black.

Rock on VSBA.

Sep 3, 05 3:27 pm
vado retro

vsba site reminds me of elvis costello's get happy album cover. lotsa orange and blue for you.

Sep 3, 05 4:23 pm

i like the vsba site, as well....too bad their work has become just unadulterated shit.

Sep 5, 05 8:34 pm
vado retro

you better get happy or you'll never go the distance...

Sep 5, 05 8:40 pm

from the "who we are" section:

"That they have found Rome, art history, and unmodern moderns such as Lutyens helpful has confused even admirers. In some ways it would have been better if they hadn't written about it. They might never have been credited with unleashing Postmodernism, a charge comparable to calling Thomas Edison the father of disco.”


Sep 5, 05 9:35 pm

vsba reminds me alot of coop himmelblau's old website: new one is way better- url=]link[/url

Sep 5, 05 10:08 pm


Sep 5, 05 10:10 pm



Sep 5, 05 10:11 pm

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