Weapons Of Mass Destruction Found!!!

vado retro

Thats right, 1200 tons of the deadly nerve agent VX have been discovered. We were right to invade Iraq you say? We told you so?Now maybe Cindy Sheehan will go away? Well, hold on cowboy! The 1200 tons of VX i'm talkin about can be found not buried in a bunker in the Sunni Triangle, but in the sleepy little Indiana town of Newport.
That's right just a few drops of this scientific marvel on the skin and you can kiss your sweet ass goodbye. And we have 2,400,000 pounds of it sitting on pallets just north of Terre Haute.
"the destruction of chemical nerve agents is always a challenge" said the commander of the 8000 acre depot, "it is somewhat predictable in that it isn't predictable"
On the brighter side, one Newporter commented in a recent Chicago Tribune Story and I'm paraphrasing here, " the VX storage facility has been great for the economy."
Maybe Saddam should have used that reasoning.
Keep on rockin in the free world.

Aug 27, 05 12:56 pm

Reported civilian deaths resulting from the US-led military intervention in Iraq=26,765

Aug 27, 05 3:17 pm

82. The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.

Aug 27, 05 5:08 pm

why am I not surprised

Aug 27, 05 11:35 pm

vado you are making me nerve-gous..

Aug 28, 05 1:09 pm

"...prove you don't have nuclear weapons, buddy!" Truth is you can't prove a negative. "...but what about all the times i didn't cheat?" i imagine someone says to thier spouse.

Books in popular circulation spell the search for WMDs out as a ruse: Woodward's Bush at War and Plan of Attack.

Aug 28, 05 7:56 pm
vado retro


May 24, 07 5:29 pm

these are not the WMD's you were looking for...

May 24, 07 5:42 pm
work for idle hands

only kind of on the subject but since you bumped this thread it reminded me did anyone see this in the smoking gun today?? not a political statement by me i just adore the dramatic drawings. TSG calls them 'crude' but i think a few of them arent that bad in a 1960s hardey boys novel kind of way (warning: graphic drawings of al-qaeda torture if you're at work/school):

May 24, 07 5:44 pm
vado retro

and proud we are of all of them...

May 24, 07 6:54 pm

I was thinking about that Norsk Painter....did the scream...a number of times....looks like maybe his grandson has found a job as an commercial artist...

May 24, 07 7:29 pm


$5 says she was corn fed as a child...

May 24, 07 8:59 pm

You mean Edward Munch?

The wood cuts of the Scream are more interesting to my mind, because they have a kind of poem etched to one side.

May 25, 07 9:20 am
vado retro
Aug 4, 07 6:01 am
lets continue to polute lake michigan even though we now know better!

well its now clear to me that george w. does have an enviromental policy -- its called crap on the world!

its really bad when a mayor or city has to sue and go after a huge corp giant like British PETROLEUM when it should be the feds that protect our most basic right to clean drinking water - perhaps its another oil connection

Aug 4, 07 7:26 am
vado retro

since tony blair brought it up today...

Jan 29, 10 3:27 pm

never been to Indiana. Now I don't plan on going...

Jan 29, 10 3:30 pm
vado retro

bump for Syrian sitch...

Sep 9, 13 11:10 am

The sodium fluoride sold to Syria by the Brits is the same stuff used in the US water supply and one of the main ingredients in most toothpaste.

If the US is supporting the rebels and Al Qaeda is supporting the rebels doesn't that mean that The US is supporting Al Qaeda? Or to take it a step farther - maybe the US is Al Qaeda, and they are the justification for whatever military action the military industrial complex wants to take.

Sep 9, 13 12:03 pm
vado retro

That would be too much like Fassbinder's The Third Generation. No government would ever manufacture terrorism to control their own people, Miles.

Sep 9, 13 1:05 pm

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