Sports City in Bahrain.


Hello Everyone,


I am an Architecture Student at University of Texas at San Antonio. I am also an international student from Bahrain. Recently, a new "Sports City" project was approved and many firms in Bahrain (including My Fathers firm) are competing for the best design. This City would include various fields ( Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, buildings, towers, etc) . International Architectural firms are welcome to compete (joint venture with a local Bahraini firm) and big money is to be made on this tiny Arabian Island located just off the east coast of Saudi Arabia. Please for more information message me. I will update with more information.  

Oct 7, 11 12:17 am
chatter of clouds

My Father as in the Lord?

an interesting suggestion would be to allow the reapproriation of the Sports city to suit the need of Bahrainis to take refuge from their own, and saudi's, military and police.

Oct 9, 11 9:09 am  · 

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