Pritzker Prize Jury


Any random thoughts on the appointment of Chief Justice Stephen G. Breuer being on the panel that awards the Pritzker Prize. He never studied architecture, but did write the book : Celebrating the Courthouse: A Guide for Architects, Clients, and the Public". He lives in an old house in Cambridge - does that mean traditional work will be favored? 

Oct 6, 11 8:49 am

Associate Justice Stephen Breyer.  Were you thinking Marcel Breuer? (I don't have a strong opinion on his appointment as a juror, except that he should be focusing on his real job and preventing Chief Justice Roberts from pushing too far right).

Oct 6, 11 9:32 am

I believe that Zaha Hadid was also just appointed, so I wouldn't be too concerned with it swinging into conservative territory. Plus, that's what the Driehaus Prize is for.

Oct 6, 11 11:42 am

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