Steve Jobs, RIP


I am not a fan boy, but I have always had the utmost respect for Jobs' vision, persistence, talent and unique ability to execute all with an exceptional clarity, all while making a handsome profit.

To me, he was a superb example of how design can be profitable and something that people, when shown something better, will pay for.  This value, I hope, will continue to spread through other design oriented businesses and give us all a little hope that something better is truly possible.

A true visionary.

Rest in peace



Oct 5, 11 8:33 pm

This is big,

I am not a fanboy either, but he did so much.


Oct 5, 11 8:55 pm  · 

"This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had.”

...Steve Jobs, at home in 1982

Oct 5, 11 8:57 pm  · 

Steve Jobs - Minimalist to the extreme


(add to rusty!'s post)

Oct 5, 11 8:59 pm  · 

I thought the New York Times article on Steve Jobs was a good read



Oct 5, 11 10:17 pm  · 

RIP, Mr.Jobs. You'll be missed.


Oct 6, 11 7:53 am  · 
won and done williams

Jobs was the visionary at Apple. I have no doubt he surrounded himself with very good people, but I do wonder what's in store next for Apple. Generally the outlook is not great for companies that lose an iconic leader. Not to say Apple will tank, but I don't think they will be the same company. A shame for us as consumers, but a testament to Jobs' genius.

Oct 6, 11 8:38 am  · 

*****  We lost two "Aquarians" today (Wed.).  Steve Jobs and Fred Shuttlesworth both came of age in the 60's and 70's and made "a dent in the universe".  We live on the shoulders of giants.

From Wikipedia:
On December 25, 1956, unknown persons tried to kill Shuttlesworth by placing sixteen sticks of dynamite under his bedroom window. Shuttlesworth somehow escaped unhurt even though his house was heavily damaged. A police officer, who also belonged to the Ku Klux Klan, told Shuttlesworth as he came out of his home, "If I were you I'd get out of town as quick as I could". Shuttlesworth told him to tell the Klan that he was not leaving and "I wasn't saved to run."


saw this on  a blog I look to for stimulation: Passage Paradis

Oct 6, 11 9:04 am  · 

As a business leader, Jobs was widely respected and admired because he always seemed to put his customers first. He charged a premium for his products, but the customer rarely seemed to balk. He built one of the most valuable companies on the planet by delivering value and by running the company for the benefit of its many constituencies - not for his benefit alone. The fact that he became fabulously rich never seemed to bring criticism his way. There're some powerful lessons there for the rest of corporate America.

Oct 6, 11 9:14 am  · 

quiz - yes, I agree.  Even with Apple's monopolistic  approach to business (axing Flash as a business move to garner more money, and yet, somehow, managing to make it look like it was in the best interest of the consumer is simply amazing) they are still looked at like a company for the people.


He did an amazing job of surrounding himself with great talent.  Ron Johnson, Cook and their marketing dept. were all tops.  Their advertisements were amazing too.  


What remains to be seen is if this amazing, miraculous really, consistency has staying power after the dictator is gone.  


I do agree that there are great lessons, not only for the corporate world (as they seem to rarely get their heads out of their own behinds), but for other professions.  Great vision, design and execution is something every company should look at.  There is value in providing quality.


Stock is not moving, which says a lot, esp. given the flop of the iPhone 4S (by "flop" I mean meeting expectations, I am sure it'll rake in tons!).  

Oct 6, 11 9:37 am  · 

Any word on cause of death?  Or did his disappointment in the 4S literally kill him?  Everyone knows that he was maniacal about his company but that is just nutz, yo!

Also, how perfect given the economic context that America's greatest contemporary businessman was named "Jobs" and Jobs is now officially dead.  If you're already unemployed, forget it...the recession rolls on and there's no more jobs, yo!

Oct 6, 11 9:58 am  · 

Cause of death?  He had pancreatic cancer, and had surgery for it in 2004, and a liver transplant in 2009.  He did pretty good, but there's a 95% mortality rate after 5 years.  Pancreatic Cancer is more or less a death sentence.

Oct 6, 11 10:16 am  · 

Westboro Church to picket Job's funeral. God hates fags.

Oct 6, 11 2:11 pm  · 

wtf.  The only common thread left w/ Westboro is that they're picketing funerals because the don't like funerals.  I wonder if they've offered an alternative.

Oct 6, 11 2:28 pm  · 


Oct 6, 11 2:43 pm  · 

@ snook_dude actually three people of importance died yesterday: The Rev. Fred L. ShuttlesworthDerrick Bell, Law Professor and Rights Advocate, and Steve Jobs.

Given the arena the first two labored in I wonder if one could speculate about which of the three had the largest (or maybe most meaningful impact) on the lived American experience..

Oct 6, 11 4:02 pm  · 

Dont forget Don Lapre! He committed suicide.


Oct 6, 11 4:56 pm  · 

so sad.

Oct 6, 11 5:15 pm  · 

Don Lapre: "I am going to show you how by placing tiny adds on archinect from my tiny one bedroom apartment, I made a tiny fortune."

Oct 6, 11 7:55 pm  · 

Steve always did what it took  to accomplish his vision - He was unreasonable. Reasonableness produces mediocrity and is the road to failure - Most people in this country need to wake up and step up their game - or it will be game over in 2012.


Oct 7, 11 12:43 am  · 

gotta love the nerdy humour on the Wikipedia-entry for Steve Jobs.


Oct 7, 11 4:26 am  · 

Today outside Apple store in Pasadena

Oct 7, 11 9:18 pm  · 

SImilar scene at Apple Store SF, with Post-its stuck to the window going 4' above the sidewalk.  

I find it very sad.  I don't think it's exaggerating to say the world lost a visionary.

Oct 7, 11 11:29 pm  · 

apple store in ginza too. 

kinda strange to me.

agree he was super cool visionary dude.

sad  he went so soon.

Oct 8, 11 5:24 am  · 

actually i do not know him until he died but he really made a good contribution. and i love his visions..very inspiring...

Oct 9, 11 1:26 am  · 

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