"Yeah, I'm an architect for the CIA"

Anybody ever worked for the CIA?

Looks like their hiring architects and graphic designers.
I was randomly surfing and found these job descriptions, what do you think?

Graphic Designer
Graphic Design Co-op

I'm assuming despite the pickup line potential that this would be a pretty boring job. Maybe not, anybody know anything about it?

Aug 1, 05 3:24 am

what i know is that you'd get an opportunity to design the new cells for GITMO or Abu Grahib for all new enemy combatants. oh and if you eat oreo cookies whole with your milk you might, just might get to design President Cheney's new bunker!

i just sent my resume in.


Aug 1, 05 6:01 am
vado retro

things got hot in el salvador
cia got caught and couldnt do no more
he's got diplomatic immunity
he got a special weapon that nobody sees
looks like another threat to world peace
call the envoy

Aug 1, 05 7:28 am
vado retro

don't know about you, but i could never get past the background check myself.

Aug 1, 05 7:29 am

but think - if you totally mess everything up and people die needlessly - you'll still get the presidential medal of freedom...

Aug 1, 05 8:47 am
Aug 1, 05 11:30 am

ether - my thoughts exactly.

I have a feeling architects working for the government (other than the GSA) are rearranging the cubicles and changing lighting patterns in offices rather than actually doing any hardcore design.

Aug 1, 05 12:47 pm

This should stir your bodily fluids.

Aug 1, 05 4:20 pm

sweet. i live right next to [the farm] but i doubt i'd make it past the background check either.

Aug 1, 05 6:20 pm
vado retro

gentlemen theres no figthing in here. this is the war room.

Aug 1, 05 6:31 pm

Can you imagine what the fee on the war room would be? Too bad I've got a 'file.'

Aug 1, 05 9:04 pm
vado retro

i had a roomate when i was in grad school who had a top secret security clearance and he was the biggest stoner you could imagine and wore a mao hat all the time. ah shit those were good times.

Aug 1, 05 9:05 pm

....and today, he's the director.

Aug 1, 05 9:11 pm

did gehry work for the cia?

the cyclone fence and plywood got me thinkin.

Aug 1, 05 11:55 pm

sorry, probably a bit tasteless

Aug 1, 05 11:55 pm

It doesn't sound like a very exciting job.

Aug 2, 05 2:50 am

I don't think much of their current buildings (a little red flashing light has gone off in some CIA surveillance room to say 'the architects are talking about us...)

this pastiche of 80's style by Smith, Hinchman & Grylls Associates, . two, six-story office towers built into a hillside behind the Original Headquarters Building

they so need new talent

Architenct+CIA+forum+BOTS= freedom fighter / terrorist

Let us hope I'm not shot in the head 7 times at point blank range by MI5

Aug 2, 05 4:49 am

Well, a DOD architects office was advertising for detention facility specialists a few years ago, I think they actually asked for people with tropical BT experience.

Aug 2, 05 11:36 am

Dude! Where has this job been all my life! Do you get to carry a gun? I could be just like Robert Redford in "Three Days of the Condor".

They probably kill off their employees at the end of each job. All I can say is it's not all rebar and concrete in those footings.

Aug 2, 05 2:04 pm
Darren Hodgson

You won't get a gun, just a US government issue scale rule and lead holder....

Aug 6, 05 6:19 pm

The CIA job also involves some travel. As architecturegeek said, they do their own boring in-house lights and partition rearranging, but the "travel" involves doing tenant fit outs or other projects for overt or covert operations. Most of the people who are undercover overseas have real or created alternate professions there and need some place to work. The agency provides architectural services for these locations. If you like to travel it could be very exciting. I was married to the agency for a few years and debated about applying for a job there so I could work there with my husband but I didn't like the idea of having to go to Afghanistan to be the architect of record for a fake office. Which is probably an exaggeration but, nonetheless, not appealing to me.

Aug 7, 05 9:18 am

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