Rejoice Rhino3d users.


Another very architecture oriented Plugin released - VisualARQ 1.4.

This does save a lot time ..
Its much of Revit Architecture now happening in Rhino 3D.
The bugs with the previous version of VisualARQ has been fixed and 1.4 works like a charm!
 as of now :P.

Oct 3, 11 11:37 am

i've wondered about this.  has anyone really used visual arq?  is it worth it?  

Oct 3, 11 2:43 pm  · 

Can it SCHEDULE like Revit?

Can it do BILLS OF MATERIALS like Reivt?

Can it TAG like Revit?

Oct 3, 11 5:38 pm  · 

Can Revit give us FREE FORM MODLEING lke Rhino?

Can Revit give us FREEDOM in design like Rhino?

Can Revit give us light file size like Rhino?

We do not learn architecture to do scheduling, bills of materials, or tag thing.

Jul 28, 21 1:26 am  · 

Revit is a horrible modeling/ viz program, but is it still the only true bi-directional fully associative BIM program out there?

Oct 3, 11 5:50 pm  · 

This is potentially very good news. Will have to download the trial.

Oct 3, 11 6:27 pm  · 

VisualARQ can create simple schedule tables of openings, walls, other objects information as well as room areas.

Some object description information is already available but the option to add more custom information to objects is planned for future versions.

Oct 4, 11 6:41 am  · 

do you know if you can assign v-ray materials to visual arq components?

Oct 4, 11 6:46 am  · 

Yes, you can.

From the object styles dialog box you can assign V-Ray materials to each component of VisualARQ objects.

You can also assign materials from any other render engine which is also supported in Rhino. 

Oct 6, 11 4:51 am  · 
Save Western

So this has been out for a while now. Anybody using it for construction documents? Specifically as a schematic design model that becomes a construction document model?

We've considered Revit and Bentley Architecture but both are so cumbersome from a design perspective that they aren't as much use. We just don't seem to do the scale projects that superBIM works well on. Not to mention is costs a billion dollars a seat, every year.

Jun 4, 13 6:12 pm  · 

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