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i'm working on some art classrooms, and wondering if anyone knows of /has used a good/nice looking padlockable storage...
i'm just trying to find altrenatives to the standard athletic locker.

Jul 21, 05 3:20 pm

Stephanie, during the last school project i was involved in we were given a list of 'preferred manufacturers' for lockers by the school. I remember that Republic and Hollowel were at the top of the list.

I worked with a rep from Republic for a few weeks until it was decided that since the school just wanted open cubby holes for the younger tykes and no lockable storage. Republic seemed quite versatile with a bunch of options for door types, lock types, materials, etc, and their durabiltiy ratings/construction seemed tougher. The rep was very helpful and eager to help. I think they love any new market possibilities because they know they could get an entire school system P.O. off of one school application.

Good Luck, Stephanie.

Jul 21, 05 5:35 pm  · 

sorry, Stephanie...spelling on the second mfg is "Hallowell".

Jul 21, 05 5:39 pm  · 

thanks man!

i found some stainless steel ones that i like quite a bit, but...then i realized they were not vented, and need to be, and then i realized, that the venting is what makes them seem more "athletic" looking...

Jul 21, 05 5:42 pm  · 

we were going to use these Z lockers for a spa.
they don't look vented though

Jul 21, 05 5:49 pm  · 

Stephanie, although that particular brand doesn't appear vented, i'm sure you could perhaps speak to a rep and see if you could get them to use a similarly finished perforated metal for the fronts from another mfg of steel...there are plenty of great looking designs out there from metal suppliers. it would involve some legwork on your part...getting the two mfg to play nicely...but the results could be great.

also, what about a slightly different form.
the 'gym class' model seems to have a nice size/shape locker that might work well in an art classroom...larger flat space for sketchbooks, canvas...etc.

Jul 21, 05 6:17 pm  · 

Probably a bit late to this but if you are UK based I would recommend CS Storage -

Mar 15, 23 12:10 pm  · 

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