Scorpio power?


I'm bored... I have had this untested theory for a while: That more than the fair share of architects are born between the dates of oct 24th and nov 22nd... Am I just an ego-manical normal person? or is there some truth to this? It seemed to me (and some other scorpios) that while in school more of my colleages and professors were scorpio than any other one sign. Is it some kind of weird coincidence/ everything looks like a nail scenario or are scorpios more attracted to architecture than other signs, and if so, why?

Jun 18, 05 2:43 am

3 people in my studio (and me) are scorpios...CRAZY!

Jun 18, 05 4:24 pm  · 
vado retro

you must be bored all right. from your friend the aquarius

Jun 18, 05 6:12 pm  · 

I am also an aquarius! Maybe architects tend to be either aquariuses or scorpios. We do tend to be the people standing by corners, even if it's for different reasons

Non Sequitur

This is a 13y old comment... and also, astrology is bullshit.

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Non Sequitur

glad you agree


Scorpio. I have this tested theory that says that scorpios are actually a superior type of human to all others carrying different astrological signs.

Jun 19, 05 6:54 am  · 
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ahhh, so we have the "why."

btw. guiggster; could'nt agree more.

Jun 19, 05 8:38 am  · 

Actually, my classmate did a project on the signs and I don't remember how its explained, but its proven that the sign you claim you have isn't your true astrological sign, its the one before.

Jun 19, 05 11:13 am  · 

Ah... It all makes sense now...

Jun 19, 05 12:17 pm  · 

Guiggster: you're wrong. It is Taurus, the astrological opposite of Scorpio, which is the most superior sign, as evidenced by the many important Taureans who have gone before us - all of whom are my stellar compatriots.

If you care to debate this, let me know - I'll see if I can squeeze it in.

Jun 20, 05 5:58 pm  · 

mostly leos in my class from what I can remember about 4 of us born within a week?!!! and my old boss was a leo as well so she was.

Jun 20, 05 6:01 pm  · 
A Center for Ants?

check out [url=] for birthday statistics[url]

it's relatively balanced, but i'd be willing to bet that birthdays in the architecture world are statistically comparable to those of the population

Jun 20, 05 6:06 pm  · 

i'm in the LEO hood as well.
we have 4 leos in the office.

Jun 20, 05 6:06 pm  · 
A Center for Ants?

birthday stats

Jun 20, 05 6:06 pm  · 


Jun 20, 05 6:10 pm  · 
The commish

I would say from my experience that both Taureans and Scorpios are definately the most superior people of our world.
But there is a difference between the two that I think gives the Taurean a bit of an edge.
Scorpios tend to be a bit crazy crazy and unstable. They are also more fun to hang out with.

Jun 20, 05 6:16 pm  · 

El Toro...

Some reasonably well known Taureans:

Karl Marx
Soren Kierkegaard
The Prophet Mohhammed
Salvador Dali
Adolf Hitler
Al Pacino
Saddam Hussein
Sigmund Freud
Ayatollah Khomeini
Leonardo da Vinci
Tony Blair
Fred Astaire
Dante, and
Jaaack Nicholson

To name a few...

Jun 20, 05 6:29 pm  · 

not too many geminis around in the architecture crowd, though.
haven't met a single one.

Jun 20, 05 6:36 pm  · 

I have never met another Taurean architect.

Jun 20, 05 6:37 pm  · 

diabase, nice list. I thought that scorpios would be unrivaled in this world, but thats an impressive group of people.

Well known scorpios:

Pablo Picasso
Albert Camus
Leon Trotsky
Carl Sagan
F. Dostoevsky
Theodore Roosevelt
Dylan Thomas
Simon AND Garfunkel
and just about every actor in Hollywood, plus Pat Sajak.

Jun 20, 05 6:50 pm  · 

Well guiggster, there's room enough at the front of the car for both of us - just as long as I'm driving ;]

Jun 20, 05 6:54 pm  · 

Still, I am unaware of a famous taurean architect. I think maybe adolf loos, but who knows...

Jun 20, 05 6:56 pm  · 

libra. know several architects who are libras but when I was volunteering for the Democrats last year, literally the entire volunteer staff was born between sept 24 - oct 24. it was bizarre. We celebrated everyone's birthdays for virtually that whole month......until November 3 of course.

Jun 20, 05 7:04 pm  · 
vado retro

my ex is a scorpio. she hit me with a tv one time.

Jun 20, 05 7:46 pm  · 

vado- I have a few scorpio exes and they were all like that. I'm still sometimes attracted to scorpio women, but I avoid them as a rule.

Jun 20, 05 7:49 pm  · 

Somehow I've only dated scorpios. This involves two long term relationships. But let me tell you there are ups and there are downs.

And diabase, you can drive, but I get to pick the car, where we're going, AND I get to hit you with a tv afterwards.

Jun 20, 05 8:04 pm  · 

Random sporadic Aquarian here.

And I accidentally submitted this response to another forum topic. So, in other words, really random.

Jun 20, 05 8:29 pm  · 

Famous Pisces:

Albert Einstein
Alexander Graham Bell
Frederic Chopin
Sidney Poitier
Auguste Renoir
Kurt Cobain
Aretha Franklin
Eric Clapton
Marlon Brando
among many others
...and maybe moi someday!

no one else a dreamy piscean here?

Jun 21, 05 10:38 am  · 


I'll now boo all the signs but scorpio.
* Aries - booo!
* Taurus - booo!
* Gemini - booo!
* Cancer - booo!
* Leo - booo!
* Virgo - booo!
* Libra - booo!
* Scorpio - booo! oops, I mean, yaaay!
* Sagittarius - booo!
* Capricorn - booo!
* Aquarius - booo!
* Pisces - booo!

Jun 21, 05 11:01 am  · 

so scorpio's are also cry-baby's...hmmm

Jun 21, 05 12:25 pm  · 

guiggster, I'd like to challenge your contention that just about every actor in hollywood is a scorpio. Allow me to introduce the following taurean stars/luminaries that you may have heard of:

Al Pacino
Michelle Pfeiffer
Steven Spielberg
George Lucas
Marlon Brando
Jack Nicholson
Renee Zellwegger
George Clooney
Katherine Hepburn
Kirsten Dunst
Uma Thurman
Daniel Day Lewis
Jerry Seinfeld
Paul Newman
Warren Beatty
Jessica Lange
Barbara Streisand
Ving Rhaymes
Cate Blanchett

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. If you feel like it - I'm not pressuring you or anything...

Jun 22, 05 11:02 pm  · 

yep, on the list and only dated Scorpios or Cancer. There once was a Sagittarius but she was crazy so that counter-balanced it.

Jun 22, 05 11:40 pm  · 
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

oh yeah, well macaulay culkin and i share the same the birthday. so put that piece of high-grade rock in your broke-ass pipe.

Jun 23, 05 12:08 am  · 

Cameron, on the illustrious Taurean list, or one of the um, others?

StarSigns are funny things - one of the many things in this world that have elements of the knowable and the unverifiable.

I have met people that have judged me by my birthdate, and thats a shame. I have been called stubborn more than once in my lifetime. Now I tell people that stubborn is what people call you when you refuse to bend over and take it because someone tells you to.

Jun 23, 05 12:11 am  · 

the scorpio list.

Jun 23, 05 12:20 am  · 

subassemble, maybe you didn't hear me...Pat Sajak!

Jun 23, 05 1:41 am  · 

So, you take your Barbara Streisand and your Marlon Brando (whoever that is) and put it into...uh...your...pipe...and, know.

Jun 23, 05 1:42 am  · 

some might say that your blood type tells you what kind of person you are, rather than your astrological sings.

A: introverted, shy, not letting people know of their feelings.
B: crazy, known for being polygamous.
AB: could be a genious or a moron.
O: almost like a wannabe B, really good at dealing with people.

dont ask me where I got this from.
i would be my ass that most of the people on this board or most architects are blood type B.

Jun 24, 05 12:03 am  · 

I hope you didn't bet your ass because I'm an O....

Jun 24, 05 12:13 am  · 

Scorpios rule!

Jun 24, 05 12:45 am  · 

I think the majority of people are O. O Scorpios rule!

The Japanese believe that personality is based on blood type not astrological signs. I want to hope that there are at least 12 different kinds of people than four in this world.

Jun 24, 05 2:35 am  · 

oh my god. i am a scorpio o. i have found my people...!

Nov 5, 09 8:42 am  · 

all my previous bosses are Scorpio... i would say they are cunning & stingy ppl, may be that's why they are bosses.

Nov 5, 09 9:06 am  · 

Im a taurus with a scorpio father. We are both intense people. It has been said if taurus and scorpio work together, they can rule the world. Libeskind has a scorpio wife. Ive had very few Scorpio professors or bosses, mostly surrounded by Capricorns.

Starchitects that are Taurus':
Daniel Libeskind
Rafael Moneo
Walter f#$%$@g Gropius
Aldo Rossi

other Taurus'
Daniel Day-Lewis - best actor ever, nuff said.
Saddam Hussein
Jack Nicholson
Katharine Hepburn

Starchitects that are scorpios:
Paul Rudolph

Nov 5, 09 4:41 pm  · 

Scorpios Rule - ask Zaha

Nov 5, 09 6:37 pm  · 
le bossman

i'm a pisces. i thought most architects were INTPs.

Nov 5, 09 6:52 pm  · 

I humbly submit the list of famous Cancers to the discussion:

Prince William June 21
Cyndi Lauper June 22
Kris Kristofferson June 22
Meryl Streep June 22
Randy Jackson June 23
Anna Paquin June 24
Carly Simon June 25
George Michael June 25
Chris O'Donnell June 26
Tobey Maguire June 27
John Cusack June 28
Kathy Bates June 28
Dan Aykroyd July 1
Liv Tyler July 1
Pamela Anderson July 1
Princess Diana July 1
Lindsay Lohan July 2
Tom Cruise July 3
Geraldo Rivera July 4
Dalai Lama July 6
George W. Bush July 6
Sylvester Stallone July 6
50 Cent July 6
Michelle Kwan July 7
Ringo Starr July 7
Kevin Bacon July 8
Fred Savage July 9
Tom Hanks July 9
Jessica Simpson July 10
Giorgio Armani July 11
Kimberly "Lil Kim" Jones July 11
Bill Cosby July 12
Harrison Ford July 13
Matthew Fox July 14
Forest Whitaker July 15
David Hasselhoff July 17
Nelson Mandela July 18
Carlos Santana July 20
Sandra Oh July 20
Josh Hartnett July 21
David Spade July 22
Robin Williams July 22

Prince William, Princess Diana, Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela cover us for George W. Bush completely so don't even mention it!

Nov 5, 09 7:11 pm  · 

Lord, let's not forget the twins!

Allen Ginsberg
Anne Frank
Bob Dylan
Bob Hope
Che Guevera
Frank Lloyd Wright
Igor Stravinsky
Ice Cube

And me!

Nov 5, 09 10:18 pm  · 

Sono scorpio.

Nov 6, 09 12:21 am  · 


Now -- are you a Grey Lizard or a Soaring Eagle Scorpio ? (That's Linda Goodman -- don't know if she's read anymore.)

Nov 6, 09 1:56 am  · 

Scorpios Unite!!!...we are THE MOST creative sign...and wacky...but more on that later...

Nov 6, 09 3:05 am  · 

this is a pretty lame post, but as a fish I am glad we got one of the smartest guy on the planet :P

thx lush :)

Nov 6, 09 4:03 am  · 

I'm a scorpio as well (just celebrated wednesday), but to be blunt I don't think there's necessarily a correlation between architects and astrological signs, but rather what's more likely is that most of our parents did it on Valentines day.

Nov 6, 09 12:02 pm  · 

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