3d to 2d in 3ds it possible?


In the design stage, I usually do my designs in Form-z (3d stuff) and then cut and export to vector works to make 2d plans, sections and elevations. Next month I am going to work for a new firm that uses 3d studio max and autocad, so I have to learn the program as fast as possible. I know from other user that both programs work well if you do your 2d work in acad and export to 3ds max to do the rest, especially when you link the files. However, can you work the other way around in 3ds max? Can you model (accurately) in 3ds max and then cut and export to autocad for 2d stuff?

Jun 17, 05 12:48 pm


i had the same issue... and 3ds max works fine. heres how:

1. use the section tool to slice your 3d studio model.

2. export to autocad .dwg with capping on

3. use autocad's 3d orbit or preset views to get the section view you want... right click while in the 3d orbit tool to change settings... perspective, hidden line etc. Autocad preserves the model very well, as well as any camera views you've set up.

4. take that view and print the view using the "post script 2" driver... this will give you a .eps file that you can edit in illustrator, and in illustrator 10 or higher you can export back to an autocad dwg.

You get a pretty clean autocad 2d file which you can then edit and clean up as much as you want, change lineweights etc.

Jun 17, 05 12:58 pm

can you tell me how you go from formz to vectorworks?
are you exporting just the plans? or the full 3-d model? what level of detail is the model? what are the steps in the process?

thanks in advance

Jun 17, 05 1:06 pm


I only export the plans as a template, not the full 3d model. The model is just a sketch model with few details for exploration. I know other people that make cd's from a form-z model, but I haven't figured out that yet. Once I have made the plans and sections in VW i export everything back to form-z to model. This time the model has more detail.

Jun 17, 05 1:23 pm

1. Just use the section tool to cut the sections you want.

2. export to autcad and use the outline as a template (x-ref)

it is better to use fresh new autcad layers, linetype and lineweight instead of 3ds lines once in autocad.

Jun 17, 05 1:32 pm
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I made a small tutorial on how to use the section tool inside 3DS max:

Feb 16, 17 5:16 pm

It's been 12 years dude. I think they should've figured it out by now.

Feb 17, 17 12:15 am

I'm sure they did! but this might help others

Olaf Design Ninja_

you can always use "flatten" in "CAD" to take any model imported and turn into 2d. then use "overkill" to remove duplicate line stacked on top of each other

Feb 17, 17 8:08 am

Why are people using max models to do their CDs in AutoCAD? do you folks not understand how inaccurate it is?

Feb 17, 17 9:16 am

Obtaining basic section geometry w/ non-orthogonal walls mayhaps?


easy, make it a box.

Feb 17, 17 11:16 am

use to do the same thing in arch school - only with Maya - then I learned Revit

Feb 17, 17 12:00 pm

Do you ever use Revit to do concept Xenakis? I always hear Autodesk blabbling about using the "building maker" for concept design but I've never seen it.

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Mar 6, 17 4:55 am

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