Fireplaces in Commercial Buildings


How can you put one into your design and get it through a general building department approval?  I'm not even sure what questions I need to ask.  A client wants one in their restaurant (national chain) and while I've got a cool schematic design going, I'm not even sure if its feasible.  Seems like a building permit nightmare that wouldn't even be worth visiting.

Sep 13, 11 2:55 pm

Check your local building codes and then your local fire codes. And then look to see if there's any "local" manufacturers or suppliers.

I'm pretty sure they have to be gas or alcohol and "non-operable" as in self-contained glass box type units.

Sep 13, 11 3:18 pm  · 

In the UK if you don't want to go to the codes best bet is to send a sketch to a manfacturer or supplier and they'll spec' up the flue, gather etc for you. Whether it's gas or real fire has a major effect on what's permitted.

Sep 13, 11 3:30 pm  · 

I just put one in a car dealership! So, of course you can do it, just like you do it in other commercial buildings providing an appropriate hood for it.

Sep 13, 11 4:41 pm  · 

Whether wood, gas or alcohol, I can't recall anything in the IBC that would prevent this provided you comply with the other requirements for make-up air, hearths, etc.  Here in Southern California, it is not the building code, but the air resources board (SCAQMD) which prohibits wood burning fireplaces, so you might check to see if you have local air quality standards that limit their use.  Also, you should be aware that there have been a surprising number of cases of drunk folks catching on fire adjacent to gas fire pits at bars and restaurants - they sit on them and don't realize how hot their clothing is getting until it is too late.

Sep 13, 11 8:07 pm  · 

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